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Why us?

With 10 years of experience on the market of HVAC equipment, our company has proved to be the reliable partner in this field. Therefore, by working with us, you will definitely get the qualified support of technicians who will help you with selection of equipment and design of HVAC systems. In addition, the specialists of the Climate Gold Ukraine company will provide you with high-quality maintenance and warranty service for large residential or industrial projects, as well as for small projects on arrangement of personal property.

After examining the huge range of offered products, you can easily purchase wall-type, multi-split or industrial systems, cassette or channel type, floor-ceiling, column, portable or window air conditioners. In our catalogue you can find products only from the popular brands that already gained the trust of their customers (Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, Zanussi, Samsung, LG Electronics, Cooper & Hunter, Hitachi and others). Along with the purchased product you will definitely get the official warranty and the maintenance service. Consultation, delivery and installation – everything is in one place, so you do not need to spend extra time looking for installation specialists.

Everybody knows that home is where the heat is. Taking care of your comfort, we offer you the largest range of radiators, which includes more than 200 products. Our experts will assistance you in choosing aluminum, bimetal, steel or iron radiators.

Another important element of comfort in the house is warm floor. In our company you can purchase heating cables, rods, infrared tapes, mats, thermostats, radiant floor and a lot of accessories at affordable prices. To keep the climate of your house under control, we offer you the widest range of heat pumps. All products have the official warranty from the official distributor. Our consultants will help you with choosing, delivery and installation of purchased device.

Moreover, we can provide you with any type of boilers: gas, condensing, electric, solid or liquid fuel, pellet, pyrolysis, industrial or package offers. Buying from us, you will definitely get the warranty on the boiler, as well as on its installation.

Speaking about the ventilation, the Climate Gold Ukraine company has a huge range of balanced and plenum ventilation systems, silencers, air valves, channel heaters and fans.

Worrying about the energy efficiency in your house, we offer you the largest selection of solar stations, heliosystems and commutators.

If you have power interruptions, you should take a look at our wide range of generators, UPS and stabilizers from the leading brands. All of our products come with the official warranty and the professional help in selecting the perfect for you device.

On our website you can find everything you may need to fill the house with sanitary ware equipment. We offer the large range of baths, showers and even jacuzzi. You can also buy toilets, bidets, faucets or bathroom furniture. In addition, in our catalogue there are different types of sink, hydromassage box, mini-pools, shower sets, installations, accessories and much more. Our sanitary ware completely corresponds to all quality standards and our consultants will help you to make the right choice.

If you are looking for comfort and warmth in your house, check out our huge selection of fireplaces: electronic, bio fireplaces and furnaces. On our site you can also find a wide range of air curtains, which will help you to protect your room from cold air penetration or heat escaping. We have gas, electric, water, built-in air curtains, as well as curtains for car washes and with no heat. Our professional consultants are always ready to help you by picking the most suitable device for your room.

Almost all the time we spend in our rooms, we breathe dirty air. Dust can be a source of infections for you or any member of your family. Our company takes care of your health and offers the largest range of cleaners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. You can also buy electric or gas heaters, gas convectors, water heaters, electric or combined boilers, expansion tanks or indirect heating boilers. In addition, we offer a wide range of water filters, pumps and pumping stations for domestic and industrial use. All of these products come with the official guarantee.

If you want to redecorate your room, you must remember about bad consequences of the wrong choice of materials for the repair. To avoid mistakes like this one, the Climate Gold Ukraine company offers the help of professional consultants and a huge selection of high-quality building materials for the best result of your repair. On our site you can find everything you may need: concrete mixes, concrete products, caving and ceramic tile, bricks, wall blocks, dry mixes and much more. And our “We Build Everything” subdivision will efficiently realize all your ideas: from the repair of any complexity to the construction of warehouses, stores, office buildings and houses.

Becoming our client means that you will definitely get the official guarantee, the possibility to buy items on credit, the quality service and the delivery across Ukraine.

The Climate Gold Ukraine company works to ensure your comfort, because we believe that the key to our success is compliance of our clients’ interests.