CargoSupport Company

CargoSupport Company – a team of experts, which offers a number of packages for developing business for external economic activity and makes comprehensive logistics solutions.
We believe in the successful Ukrainian business development. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to deal with international markets, logistics and customs procedures.

Our main goal is to relieve customers from import and export difficulties for setting new goals and their achievements.

Our company is open for irregular tasks in the sphere of external economic activity, including international freight by truck, overseas transportation or by air, customs management services and outsourcing EEA.

We work for your result, that’s why our company takes into consideration main customer needs: delivery terms, loading dimensions, budget, customs regulations and other features of the market.

You are just starting a business – CargoSupport will help you to understand the subtleties of external economic activity: how to find a supplier or calculate supply margin, conduct negotiations with the best delivery terms or settle a contract, elaborate the itinerary, deliver cargo in time and make customs clearance.

If you are already an experienced participant of foreign economic relations and use outsourcing services EEA – our company will prepare comprehensive solutions based on your goals, organize delivery from China, the USA, Europe, the UAE and make customs clearance in the required period.