WebEye Ukraine Company

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    29A V. Chornovola str., c. Kyiv, 01135, Ukraine
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    +38(050) 547-06-51, (067) 679-01-20, (095) 200-00-61
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Our core profile is aimed at the development of complex telematics applications that help our partners in transportation, freight forwarding and logistics to organize their work processes more efficiently and utilize their resources more economically.

WebEye's transportation informatics solutions focus on the wide-scale analysis of vehicle parameters, fast and efficient communication and cutback on fuel use, among others. The system helps create economical and environmentally friendly fleet operation, while also ensures the essential transparency in vehicle fleet management.

WebEye technology combines expertise with state-of-the-art technology, always keeping a careful eye on the needs of the industry.
We strive to create a complex system based on multilevel approach that enables the optimization of the entire supply chain, regardless to the field of activities. Our telematics services are now available in 14 European countries.