ICT–West Company

  • Address:
    29, Volodymyra Velykogo street, c. Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 255-01-54, 255-01-62
  • Web-site:
ICT–West is an outstanding international freight forwarding company that has been active in Ukraine since 2000 and is one of the leaders in this industry today.

Utilizing international networks, the company can deliver any volume of cargo by any means of transportation. The range of ICT's freight forwarding and transportation services is the widest in Ukraine. We offer the following cargo shipping services:
- Trucking throughout Europe and Asia;
- Full and partial loads;
- Assembled load handling;
- Customs warehousing and brokerage services;
- Storage of regular and customs shipments, as well as those requiring special temperature conditions;
- Consignment, partitioning and repacking;
- Shipment of all kinds of cargo throughout Ukraine and the CIS;
- Shipment handling at Odesa, Illichivsk and Mariupol ports;
- Sea cargo;
- River cargo;
- Freight forwarding;
- Air freight;
- Railway cargo;
- Special shipments (oversized, overweight, non-standard and hazardous);
- Cargo insurance;
- Multimodal freight deliveries worldwide;
- Consulting services.