Studio Oleg Sazhnev

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    14, Golosiivska str., c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
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    +38(093) 641-36-71
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I devote my life to filling people's hearts with joy from the experience of the result of our joint work. My team of skilled artisans has repeatedly proved and is proving the ability to implement even the most extraordinary and complex projects you can imagine. You can see one of these outstanding projects in the video at the end of this page. The complexity of each jewelry task is evaluated from the point of view of the ideal result and is implemented with the help of experienced hands and modern technologies. For a relatively short time and your budget, you will be able to realize your ideas you dreamed of and one of the kind in the World - exclusive personalized jewelry. Our works have repeatedly won prizes at World exhibitions as the best designer jewelry ideas that match the best results in terms of quality. By contacting us, you have the opportunity to personally participate in the process of creating jewelry at the design stage, or trust me as a professional whose experience you will have the opportunity to witness, as well as the quality of the final result.

Sincerely yours, Oleg Sazhnev.