ASSA Dental Clinic

  • Address:
    5, Anna Ahmatova str., c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 223-30-05, 223-30-55, (063) 377-78-82
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Reaching European standards, the dental centre ASSA believes demonstrates high performance. It is thanks to the potential of the latest equipment, innovative technologies and professionals to hone their professionalism by participating in congresses, symposiums and training courses that received patents on inventions in the field of prosthodontics, the centre has become a high-level medical facility. Growing demands of patients to quality of any kind of treatments, whether the treatment of dental caries or denture, contribute to the development of all areas of dentistry. The main challenge for doctors is to provide the best result possible even in unusual situations, justifying hopes of clients and their financial costs.