Stara Pravda Hotel

  • Address:
    62a, Podyna str., Yaremcha , Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 78593, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(067) 777-53-00, (099) 777-53-00
  • Web-site:   
It all started with the desire to show guests a beautiful corner of our country. We wanted to show the truth – the truth about the Carpathian hospitality, endless landscapes, slender spruces and centennial peace. About the sun rising behind the mountains and about the summer rain coming down from the roof. That is how Stara Pravda was born. Since then we have been constantly changing and now we have:

– 1 ha of fantastic territory
– 34 interesting, completely different thematic rooms
– 5 comfortable cottages for different tastes.
– 2 restaurants with different concepts
– 2 outdoor pools
– 4 Jacuzzis
– 2 baths on firewood
– 7 gazebos and barbecues
– 2 lounge terraces
– 2 children’s rooms
– Playground
– Yoga area

We are not for everyone. Because to be for everyone means to be for no one. We are for those who appreciate peace, tranquillity, who know how to enjoy the beauty around. For those who goes to the Carpathians to be in nature, get a new experience and feel our hospitality.

It is interesting for us to change, because time does not stand still. We always strive to give the guest on vacation more than he expects. Therefore, instead of a thousand words, we simply invite you to visit us, and the place where time stops! See you soon!