Vasyl Ivanovych Company

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    16, Studenska str., c. Vynohradiv, Zakarpattya reg., 90300, Ukraine
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Our online plant store presents you with a wide selection of varieties of roses, as well as seedlings of fruit and columnar trees, a large selection of coniferous and ornamental plants, as well as a sea of ;varieties of seeds to your taste.Also, our managers with extensive experience in the horticulture industry will consult for free and help you decide on the choice of product that is right for you. After all, the abundance of goods makes a person confused and doubt the correctness of his final choice.We accumulated our many years of experience and planned for a long time to create our online store, so that it would be as convenient and attractive as possible for a buyer who knows little about gardening, because in order to choose the right seedlings, sometimes you need to re-read a lot of useful information.