Vybor company

  • Address:
    60/1, Yaroslava Mudroho St., office 6, c. Sumy, 40000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 407-53-00, (0542) 61-21-20
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The company “Vybor” was founded in 1999 as a supplier of feed additives and vitamins for farm animals and poultry. Now we help agricultural enterprises build a successful business by offering them highly effective and high-quality feed additives that increase animals productivity, ensure livestock safety, increase meat yields, improve quality indicators and are indispensable for ensuring health.

We provide feed additives for agriculture, feed additives for poultry, feed additives for pigs, feed phosphates, and also vitamins for animals, in any quantity, depending on the needs of our customers.