Centurion, Economic Security Agency

  • Address:
    63a, Myronositska str., c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 700-45-64, 719-42-04
Director - Victor F. Raschyupkin

Economic security agency "Centurion" is your partner in a complex decision of security, problems of your business on a regional and international levels.

We offer you services in the following directions:

1. Collection of marketing information for your client to get competition preferences on a target territory.
2. Constant monitoring of competitor's operations in a segment of market witch is of your clients' interest.
3. Active assistance in your clients' production promoting and expansion of their distribution segments.
4. Recruiting of professionals precisely answering clients' requirements.
5. Verification of capability and reliability of business partners of a client.
6. Active escorting of clients' interests in a heightened risks terms.
7. Organization of juridical and physical persons' protection.
8. Elaboration and organization of effective multilevel systems of security.
9. Guaranteeing a client steady friendly terms with business environment on a region level , Ukraine scale and post Soviet space (in any circumstances).
10. Organization security and legal escorting of meetings of shareholders in conflict situations.
11. Stimulation of responsibility of juridical and physical persons aimed on carrying out their contractual commitments with respect to a client.
12. Rendering of legal aid in preparation and escorting of materials at arbitration tribunal, representation in other legal, controlling and administrative organs.

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