Diksi, Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    34 Pashenkivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61017, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 712-87-43, 712-90-33, 712-90-34
  • Web-site:
Director - Pavel Skibin

"Diksi" Private Enterprise has been operating in the market of construction materials and paints and varnishes since 1994. The firm produces joint filler, water paints and deals in a great variety of building materials and paints and varnishes.

The firm offers for sale the following products :
- Enamels: PF-15, PF-133, PF-266; primers: GF-021; (manufactured by "DLKZ", Sumy, Kryvy Rih, KhimProm plants);
- Paints: MA-15, MA-25 (manufactured by "DLKZ", Sumy, Kryvy Rih, KhimProm plants);
- Water paints: VD-VA (manufactured by "Standard"and "Farmal" companies);
- Enamel PS-160 (polymer-based enamel) manufactured by "Stirol" company, Horlivka (Ukraine);
- Varnishes: PF-170, 283, 231, NTs-218, "Almaz" varnish manufactured "DLKZ";
- dissolvents R 646, 647;
- white spirit, solvents, kerosene, turpentine, "Oksol" drying oil;
- KMTs and PVA glues, joiner's glue, liquid glass.

Building materials:
- Chalk - MTD-2, alabaster G-5;
- wood joint filler "Diksi";
- builder's joint filler "Diksi";
- floor joint filler "Diksi";
- multi-purpose finishing joint filler "Diksi";
- filling;
- net "Rabitsa"
- inc-plated pipes with a diameter range of 0.5-2";
- chemical products: aluminium powder, dry red lead oxide; litharge
- building foam, silicon hermetic;
- painter's tools: painting rollers , metal tape-lines; paint brushes; flat enamel brushes; sand cloth; filling knifes; locks, trowels, hammers, screw-drivers