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EnranTelecom, Scientific and Production Company

  • Address:
    27 Klymenka str., c. Kyiv, 03110, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 245-75-25, 249-89-90
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General Director - Olexander O. Korenyev


- RPC EnranTelecom is a system integrator in the field of building modern information systems for large enterprises and corporations including: design, equipment and software delivery, introduction, training, and instructions on each component and the system as a whole.
- RPC EnranTelecom is part of a large Ukrainian and production concern Enran, well- known for its activities in the fields of finance, production, construction, trade and investment.
- The RPC is located at its own premises (an office with an area of 450 sq.m) equipped with the latest computers and telecommunication facilities.
- The staff of the company is 65 people experienced in design and introduction of information systems of various application. Four employees have a degree of Candidates of Technical Science; twenty are certified by some of the worlds largest companies. New staff is recruited on a competitive basis from the countrys leading institutions of higher education.
- As far as the structure is concerned, the RPC consists of four departments: Commercial Department, Technical Systems Department, Software Systems Department, Banking Technologies Department, as well as training and engineering centers.

- At present, the RPC is in partnership with and acts as a distributor for world renowned companies such as: Motorola ING, Nortel Networks (Bay Networks), NCR, Sagem, Siemon Company, Reichle & De-Massari, Lucent Technologies, Wireless Inc., BreezeCom, Pair Gain, Informix Software, Sybase, Oracle Co, Platinum Technology, Optimus SA, Oki, APC, as well as companies from the CIS: Soft Club (Belarus), SibCon (Russia), Vest-Meta Tekhnologiya (Russia).
- Every activity type of the RPC is appropriately licensed and certified. All the works are done in correspondence with the accepted international and national standards.
- The RPC has a flexible financial policy in the field of the developed projects and the provided goods and services.


Integrated network and telecommunication solutions: building local (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, etc.) and areally-distributed (Frame Relay, ATM, etc.) information and computing network using modern technologies and equipment.

Structured cable systems: based on international standards, 16-year guarantee, compatible with all the existing and prospective data and other information transfer technologies, etc.

Digital departmental telephone stations: integration with the existing information and computation networks, multimedia information processing, audio and video conference links, ISDN services, in-built information protection systems, self-diagnostics, etc.

Financial calculation (billing) systems: automated data processing on rendered services and effected payments; keeping customers accounts, individual work with debtors.

Automated documents circulation systems: implementation at typical hardware and software-controlled platforms of a multi-level information protection system, adaptation to the enterprises specificity, etc.

Technological complexes for plastic cards production and servicing: module architecture, any forms of registration and accounts, On-Line, Off-Line, UEPS modes.

Guaranteed power supply systems: design, assembly and start-adjustment, guarantee and post-
guarantee servicing of systems based upon the uninterrupted power sources of the APS type rated up to 480 KW.

Advanced information technologies training: a training center (authorized by the Informix company), modern equipment, advanced training and testing methods.


1. Corporate networks Frame Relay ATM were designed and put into operation at:
- Ukrsotsbank, 37 units in Kyiv, Donetsk (oblast), Lutsk, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk (planned at Odessa, Mykolaiv);
- Ukrtelecom, over 150 units in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk (oblast), Cherkassy (oblast), Chernihiv (oblast), Kharkiv (oblast), Lviv, Poltava, Sevastopol, Odessa (planned at Mykolaiv, Simferopol);
- Electric communication center # 5 (TsTU), Kyiv;
- State enterprise Ukraerorukh, Kyiv, Boryspil;
- State organization Energoatom, Kyiv
- Representative offices of Siemens (Kyiv, Vyshgorod, Munich), Cargill (Kyiv).
Equipment supplied by Motorola ING, Nortel Networks, Pair Gain.

2. Structured cable systems of the 5th category and based on them local calculating networks at 18 units were designed, built and put into operation, including:
- Prominvestbank, Ilyichevske branch, Mariupol;
- Scientific and Research Center for Patent Expertise, Donetsk.
- Oblast Ukrsotsbank Directorate, Donetsk
- Object Cover for Chornobyl Atomic Power Station.
- State enterprise Ukraerorukh, Kyiv.
Equipment and technology supplied by Siemon Company, Bay Networks.

3. The companys experts were among the first in Ukraine to use the blast wireless technologies to create efficient and reliable channels of data transfer in the Central Chamber of Payments, Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange, Prominvestbank, Ukrsotbank, APPB Aval, Ukrinbank, commercial company Lada, The 1st Ukrainian International Bank, etc.

4. Digital departmental telephone stations Definity produced by Lucent Technologies were installed at:
- the Central Telephone Communications Hub of Kyiv;
- Ukrsotsbank Donetsk Oblast Directorate;
- Mariupol Branch of Prominvestbank;
- AKB Integral-Bank, Darnitske and Minske Branches of USB of Kyiv;
- Trade House IPS, Kyiv, etc.

5. Financial calculations (billing) systems were developed for:
- State communal enterprise Kyivzhilteplokommunenergo;
- UGPES Ukrtelecom (implementation and experimental use): Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv regional directorates;

6. Bank accountability system was introduced for Ukrsotsbank (central and regional directorates).

7. A production base was created, an automated payment system was prepared for implementation of production and servicing of plastic cards.

8. Together with the Siemens company in Ukraine and the CIS countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and others) specialized police information systems are being implemented (dactyloscopic, authentication, passport, etc.)

9. Training courses are prepared and representatives of customers are trained on all the main trends of the RPCs activity.