Company Cheksil, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    66, Ivana Mazepy str., c. Chernigiv, 14014, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0462) 65-15-05, 65-30-03
  • Web-site:   
"Cheksil" is one of the biggest European producers of pure-wool and half-woollen fabrics for clothes tailoring.

- pure-wool and half-woollen worsted fabric;
- pure-wool and half-woollen broad-cloth and cloth;
- classical velours fabric;
- angora wool fabric for overcoats;
- half-woollen fabric with cotton and linen fibre;
- half-woollen and pure-wool knitted fabric for hand and machine knitting;
- fabric for uniforms;
- fabric for school uniforms;
- special purpose technical fabric

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