Desnyanka, Factory, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    47 Shevchenka str., c. Nizhyn, Chernihiv reg., 16600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04631) 2-31-60
Director - Rayisa K. Protsko

LLD factory "Desnyanka" was created on the basis of the old factory of artistic industries of Ukraine. Efforts of the company are directed at development, production and selling the products.

The director of the enterprise is Raisa K. Protsko, a talented organizer and an artist of her business. She has a great managing experience working at such companies as "Progress", "Electron-service" and others.

The range of products manufactured by the enterprise includes:
- Bed and dining cloths with hand and machine-hand embroidery styling with reshelye (quilt cover, pillow-cases, table-cloth, napkins, embroidery towel);
- Coupons of blouses, women's and men's blouses with embroidery of national Ukrainian style;
- Modern models with embroidery and others.

The general square of the territory of the factory is 0,7 ga and is situated in the center of the town. The general manufacturing square is 1500m2. The factory has the sewing - machines of Russian and Czechoslovakia productions for about 240 workers.
Before the factory became a shareholder its products had exported by the Ukrainian Concern of Artistic Industries to Canada, the USA, Czechoslovakia, all countries of CIS, Baltic countries and others. Because of reorganization of the Ukrainian Concern the factory has lost the constant orders for production. Today the products of the "Desnyanka" are sold in all the region centers of Ukraine such as Odessa, Lutsk, Donetsk and others.
The authority of the factory realizes the importance of new technologies, new equipment, experienced specialists and workers: the work is carried out on the increment production capacity, the renewal existing product assortment and improvement of quality. Factory "Desnyanka" having such long history and experience of work and co-operation with the many countries of CIS and far abroad is interested in widening business contacts and commercial links.