Barva, Limited Liability Company

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    vil. Yamnytsya, Tysmenytsya distr., Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 77422, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0342) 50-68-52, 50-68-60
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Joint-Stock Company BARVA, a major Ukrainian chemical company was founded in 1975 on the base of the Ivano-Frankivsk fine organic synthesis plant. For 20 years the company has occupied a leading position in the chemical industry of Ukraine.

The company has a diverse production program. We specialize in the marketing and production of organic dyes for different branches of industry, surfactants and textile auxiliaries, additives for polymers and rubber, household chemicals.

The high quality of our products, competitive prices, favorable location of our company for the Central and Western Europe markets enable us to cooperate successfully with companies in the CIS and other foreign countries, such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, etc. Our mission is to secure our good reputation with domestic and foreign customers and to consolidate our market positions based on:
- high and stable product quality,
- reliable production and deliveries,
- increasing of competitiveness based on the long term measures to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of our organization,
- excellent ecological and safety performance.


The production operations of the company are based on advanced technologies and modern equipment and cover the following branches:
- Additives for rubber and polymeric materials:
Thermostabilizers, light stabilizers for plastics. Modifiers and vulcanization agents for rubber.
- High-temperature heat transfer agents.
- Surfactants and textile auxiliaries:
- Polyethylene/polypropylene glycols of different grade of ethoxylation
- Blockcopolymers of ethylene/propylene oxide
- Ethoxylated fatty alcohols, alkylphenols fatty acids.
- Organic dyes:
Reactive (vinyl sulphone), acid, acid metalcomplex , direct, chrome mordant dyes, anionic dyes for leather, dyes for fur and sheepskin,.
- Household chemistry:
Shampoo, foaming cleaning agents, bleaching agents
- Products for leather industry:
Fatting, cleaning, leveling agents, concentrates of covering dyes, acrylic emulsions.


The rapid changes in the branch technology and the intense competition stimulate the ever growing demand and keep bringing about new tasks as to improvement of the product quality and optimization of products and technologies. The research and development activity is of great importance to the company. A considerable part of today's production range is based on the company's own products and technologies.

The majority of the products were created in its own laboratories, where the market-oriented research is conducted and progressive developments take place.

Our technical experts are always ready to consult you on the application of our products.


Environmental issues are a high priority of all the company's activities, including the safe operation of the production and treatment plants, reduction of waste and emissions into atmosphere, development of ecologically safe products, as well as taking measures for the safe transport, storage, application and treatment of products.

Major investments in the environmental sphere have made it possible to create a reliable purification system and plants for the treatment of wastes, including:
-neutralizing of acid waste;
-biochemical treatment of waste;
-plants for treatment and incineration of industrial waste;
-local plant for purification of industrial waste coming from surfactants production.


Quality is the key word for all our activities. Our goal is to involve the whole company in the fulfillment of the quality program (ISO 9002), to develop and manufacture products to meet the market requirements. The whole company, supported by the quality control department, is committed to constant quality improvement in order to meet our customers' needs.

These objectives are illustrated by:
- annual quality improvement plans;
- correction actions to prevent accidental mistakes.

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