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Dneproenergostroyprom, Association, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    63 Molodizhna str., c. Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk distr., Kirovohrad reg., 27552, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05236) 5-26-70, 5-28-99, 5-31-15
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General Director - Ivan Maron

Type of Ownership: collective
Number of employees: 2500, including manufacturing personnel - 1685, engineering personnel - 170,
non-manufacturing personnel - 423, managers - 222
Authorized capital: USD 965,000. The company is 100% - owned by shareholders.
Real estate total cost is USD 29,756,000. Evaluation Date - July 1, 1999.
Activity lines: industry, construction, and transportation.

Experience of operation in the markets:
- Domestic market - 29 years
- CIS market - 8 years
- Foreign market - 15 years

Date of establishment- 1970.
Date of the final audit examination- May 1, 1995. Provided by the SAPF-AUDIT audit company.

Bank serving the company:
Svitlovodsk branch of bank Aval.
Tel. in Kirovohrad: +380 5236 2-99-39

Dniproenergobudprom Association Closed Joint-Stock Company is one of the best bases in Ukraine for power construction. Over the last 10 years it has worked in design, production and supply of structures for industrial and residential construction.

The association includes 8 industrial enterprises operating in various fields. They can produce contemporary construction structures and materials and provide services in turn-key construction and assembly. Also they provide services in engineering and drawing up technical documents to the customers order. Monthly production is USD 1.5 million.

Dniproenergobudprom is the supplier of unique structures for all the thermal and nuclear power plants of the former USSR, automobile plants on Volga and Kama, countries of Asia and the Middle East.

Dniproenergobudprom has always been a leader through introduction of new technologies in design and manufacturing of construction structures:
- Through reducing wall thickness, general decreasing structure weight, and decreasing terms of assembly, the production costs can be reduced in comparison with technology of using traditional ferroconcrete constructions;
- Due to perfect technical characteristics of the structures, high mechanical level of assembly process, and almost complete absence of wet processes, a considerable reduction in terms of production can be reached;
- Association Dniproenergobudprom is capable of performing designing and planning of industrial and civic objects ordered.

Basic activity lines of the company:
- Module quick-assembly one- and two-storreyed prefabricated reinforced concrete structures with 9 and
12-meter arches for social, administrative, and industrial construction. Customized supply of a set of hanging
cat-cranes with carrying capacity of 3-5 tones is possible.
- Houses with 1, 2, 3, and 25 apartments, built of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts.
- 2-storreyed houses with a verandah, a cellar, and 4 rooms. Total area is 132 square meters. Customized supply
of a built-in garage and household constructions.
- 2-storreyed house with a verandah, a built-in garage, a cellar, and 4 rooms. Total area is 160 square meters.
- One-storreyed house with a cellar and 3 apartments. Total area is 71,5 square meters.
- A container-like house built of ferroconcrete blocks for temporary accommodation in areas of natural disasters, on long-term construction sites, geological exploration sites, etc.
- Personal garages with/without a cellar, made of prefabricated reinforced concrete.
- Country houses with/without a cellar, made of prefabricated reinforced concrete.
- Ferroconcrete or zinc-plated metal constructions for power transmission lines with voltage from 0.4 to 750 kW.
- A wide range of ferroconcrete products for industrial and special power construction.
- Sandwich type unified collapsible metal constructions, metal structures and forms, metal tiles, water boilers, and convectors.
- Granite crushed stone of various fractions and common gravel.
- Silicate and hollow facing bricks;
- Wood-working, sawing, and millwork for construction.
- Possible supply of heat-strengthened steel of At-IV and At-V types.

Dniproenergobudprom is interested in sales increase. It is ready for a mutually beneficial cooperation both in traditional and new fields. The company will use any convenient kind of transport (water, motor or railway transport) to deliver products to the customer. Skilled personnel and production facilities will solve the tasks set by the client.

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