Demitex, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    26/1 M.Biryuzova str., c. Poltava, 36007, Ukraine
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    +38(0532) 50-90-56, 50-90-72, 61-27-01
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Chairman of the Board - Stanislav F. Bilovodsky

OJSC "Demitex" is one of the most powerful producers of the high-quality cotton yarn, chemical fibers and their blends in Ukraine.

In 1933 for the first time the Government of the USSR decided to produce cotton yarn for knitting and weaving manufacture in Ukraine.

Poltava was elected as the centre of production.

In May 1934 the construcrion of the spinning mill for 100 thousand spindles was commenced.

At the beginning of the 90ies under the market conditions the task of production of a high quality and competitive yarn arose. At the technical council a decision was taken to reconstruct the production on the basis of the advanced foreign equipment and technologies.

In 1992 the joint stock venture “Demitex” was set on the basis of the mill and the International Holding and Financial Ltd. of Great Britain.

During the period of cooperation approximately 360 units of equipment from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan etc. were installed which allowed to produce high quality knitting and weaving yarn of different linear density from tex 62,5 to tex 7,5 ( №№ 16/1-133/1, 40/2-133/2 ).

The mill consists of:
- Ring spinning;
- Open End spinning.

Two systems of spinning i.e. carding and combing are used in the mill.

The ring-spinning technique is used in the combing system. The ring and openend spinning are used in the carding system. The technical base of the venture allows to renew its assortment constantlly.

Volume of output: 5300 tons per year.

The yarn produced on this technological equipment meets the international standards by its physical and mechanical characteristics and is competitive at the world and domestic market.

The name and production of the OJSC Demitex are associated with quality.

The production technology of melange yarn, chemical fibers yarn and their blends with cotton is developed and mastered in our mill.

Our yarn exports and sells in the markets of such countries as UK, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Poland and Turkey. Close contacts are maintained with enterprises in Russia and Byeloruss in buying our yarn.

Nowadays OJSC Demitex is the main supplier and avowed partner of knitting and weaving factories in Ukrain.

The yarn is the high quality product you can trust, the goods of the yarn look fashionable and elegant.

The products are sold by the Company Unitex.

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