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DI-STAR, Limited Liability Company

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    45a Marshala Biryuzova str., c. Poltava, 36019, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0532) 50-87-00, 50-87-01, 50-87-20, 66-36-78
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General Director - Ihor A. Murashko

The fortune and the future of any company depend on its influence on the market and management effectiveness of the company. These are the strategic purposes of corporation Di-Star for the near outlook.

The beginning of activity of Di-Star is bound with the creation of Ukrainian-and-Italian Joint-Venture Ukr Diamant specializing at the manufacture of diamond tools for stone- processing and construction industry in 1994.

Due to the use of modern equipment and technologies the company became a leader among manufacturers of diamond tools on the market of CIS-countries on the shortest time. Corporation Ukr-Diamant has considerable market share in Ukraine and Russia and supplies its products to Italy, Brazil, USA, countries of Eastern Europe and the Near East.

The whole range of manufactured goods covering all the diamond tools for any types of processing of stone, building and other non-metal materials stipulated for the development of production potential.

Company success is the result of:
- organisation of modern production with productive equipment and new technologies;
- import of high quality raw materials;
- orientation for the young competent specialists who can work in new conditions of business organisation.

Strategic priorities of the company are continuous increase of production, exceptional attention to the clients, maintenance of the reputation of leading producers, large volume of production, promotion of the Di - Star trademark into the markets.

Development of high technologies, disappearance of borders between national markets and changed clients demand determine the main criteria of a successful company:
- precise strategy;
This strategy is worked out for the nearest 5 years by Di-Star.
It covers main development indices of the company, product and base strategies that ensure the business strategies of the subsidiaries are designated.
- considered organisational structure;
Vertical integrated company having 5 levels of integration, holding, subsidiaries, branches and representatives is formed.
- Development and improvement of new schemes of business transaction.
Sooner or later all the companies come to conclusion that not the goods but the production processes bring long-term success to the company.
With that aim the corporation Di-Star applies the integrated system of management of company with applying of modern technologies of management.
At present the corporation is aimed at holding of its leading positions on the market of CIS-countries and Eastern Europe. Di-Star makes regular investments in development and mastering of new technologies, buying of high-technology equipment, expanding of range of goods owing to development and putting-into production of new efficient types of diamond tools.

In 21st century the corporation Di-Star emphasizes the following concepts
- professionalism;
- quality;
- complete range of diamond tools;
- service of the clients.

At present the corporation Di-Star is at the beginning of its way and so, the company has many possibilities for increase and development.

List of products of corporation DI-STAR

1) Diamond cutting disks:
a) for dry cutting;
type TURBO with diameters 105, 110,115, 125, 150, 180, 230, 254 mm;
for cutting of natural and artificial materials: granite, marble, concrete, basalt, brick, ceramics etc.

b) for dry and wet cutting;
type KORONA with diameters 85.7; 101.6; 177.8, 203.2; 254; 110; 115; 150; 180; 230; 250; 300; 350; 400 mm;
for cutting of the following non-metal materials: granite, agate, marble, stone, glass, building and technical ceramics etc.

c) segment disks for dry rectilinear cutting;
type TORNADO and TURBO-Laser with diameters 230, 300, 350, 400 mm;
for cutting of granite, concrete, brick and other building materials.

d) segment disks for dry clearing of cement solution joints of brickwork and cutting-out of the
slots for wiring in the concrete;
type Tuck point with diameters 102 and 182 mm.
d) segment forms 1A1RSS/C1/C2 for cutting of granite, marble, concrete, sandstone, asphalt and ferro-concrete with cooling mixture of the following diameters: 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1250, 1500, 1600 mm.

2) Diamond segments
for cutting of granite, marble, concrete, asphalt.

3) Diamond end mills:
a) plastic diamond end mills;
for wet milling and grinding of slabs from natural stone;
diameters: 95, 160, 250, 320, 400 mm.

b) segment diamond end mills;
for dry milling and grinding of slabs from granite, concrete and mosaic slabs;
diameters: 100, 125, 150 mm.

c) for dry and wet milling and grinding of mosaic, concrete slabs and floor, floor from natural
diameters: 95 and 100 mm.
Three numbers for granite (1,2,3), two numbers for marble (01, 02) and two numbers for
concrete (10, 20) are manufactured. First numbers are applied for primary processing and
posterior numbers are applied for more careful processing.

4) Diamond tubular drills:
for drilling with cooling of through and blind holes in concrete and stone
(diameters-length: 20-100, 32-150, 42-150, 52-150/300, 62-150/300, 72-150/300, 82-150/300, 92-150/300, 102-150/300, 112-150/300 mm).

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