Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment, Joint Venture, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment ("RZVA") is your reliable partner in production, sales and service for high voltage commutation equipment range 6....110 kV

RZVA is one of the major companies producing high voltage commutation equipment 6 - 110 kV. Within the period of 40 years the company delivered to the domestic market and to 45 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa about 1.4 mln circuit breakers 6-35 kV, 25 thousand complex distribution devices 6-10 kV, transformer substations 110-0.4 kV, dozens of other types of commutation equipment and household equipment. Our products are effective in operation, competitive in terms of price. High quality of our products is corroborated by the number of domestic and foreign certificates.

RZVA now is a fully privatised company. Open Joint Stock Company "Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment" was established on its basis. RZVA is a co-founder of RZVA Joint Venture, Closed Joint Stock Company, where production utilities for high voltage equipment are concentrated. "RZVA" Joint Venture was established in 1996 with participation of ABB Group as an investor.

On the basis of modern technologies and using components supplied by ABB and other well-known companies SP RZVA produces effective, high quality equipment for voltage 6-110 kV.

Please be informed about our latest technical achievements:

"KU-10C" complex distributing device is intended for operation in electric net of three-phase alternating current 50-60 hertz, voltage class - 6-10(12) kV, in distributing devices of power stations for their own needs, in substations and electric utilities of industrial enterprises. Rated current - 630-3150 A, rated breaking current - 20; 31.5 kA.
KU-10C is supplied with vacuum power circuit breaker of new generation - VM1S-10. Microprocessor "SPAC" from "ABB Relay Cheboxary"(Russia) or REF-542 ABB, MRZS 05 “Kyivprylad” and other known firms used in the new complex distributing device, provides a number of additional operation and control functions,- registration and saving of all the values of parameters controlled, continuous diagnostics of the equipment, remote control, visualisation of processes. The product has certain advantages over analogous devices: safety - system of blocking mechanisms to prevent incorrect service and operation; effectiveness – circuit breaker VM1S-10 provides high mechanical resource and minimises service and maintenance costs; costs reduction due to use of air insulation; universality – can be used as a substitution of complex distributing devices series KU-10; KM-1M; KM-1F; K-104 and others. Size 750X1000X2000(h) mm.

Vacuum circuit breakers with electro-magnetic drive series VM1S-10 and VR are intended for commutation of electric circuits in normal and emergency modes in electric net with three-phase alternating current of 50 and 60 hertz. Rated current 630-3150A, rated breaking current 20; 31,5, 40 kA New technical and production solutions provide higher commutation resource and minimise repairs over the whole service life; commutative service life under rated breaking current – 100 ON-OFF cycles, service life of mechanic stability-100000 cycles.

ME(P) universal modules with circuit breakers type VM-1S-10 present a new approach to modernisation of indoor complex distributing devices with old and out-of-resource minimum-oil circuit breakers type BMPE-10, VMPP-10, BMP-10P and electro-magnetic circuit breakers type VE-6, VES-6, VE-10. Size parameters are equal, thus modernisation is performed on the basis of the withdrawable element currently in use, with minimum costs and in the shortest terms; all assembly works can be performed by the customer without any welding works.

Complex transformer substation KTP-10/0,4 is a single-transformer distributing and converting device intended for supplying of electric power of three-phase alternating current, frequency 50 and 60 hertz, in regions with severe and moderate climate (U1). Power transformer output is up to 400 kVA, number of inferential cable lines - 3-4.
Advantages: safety - reliable contact of frame elements with ground profile; water-resistant construction; feeder of street lighting switching automatically; effectiveness - metering of active electric power; main parts are highly interchangeable; minimum installation time on a prepared site; universality – possibility to install double-transformer substations on the basis of the complex single-transformer substation; size parameters allow installation of power transformers 25 - 400 kVA.

Besides the above mentioned new equipment, we have pleasure to inform you about previously designed products, advantages of which are proved by practice:

1. KTPBR complex transformer substation of modern design with new construction and technical solutions (warmth-keeping houses for cubicles KU-10 and relay equipment, circuit breaker VBZP-35 kV with withdrawable drive insuring safety of service personnel, powder coating of metal construction providing longer service life).
1.1. KTPBR - 110 / 35 / 10(6) - factory assembled complex transformer substation, intended for transmission and distribution of power energy of three-phase alternating current, 50 hertz, voltage- 110, 35 and 10(6) kV, output of each transformer up to 40 mVA. Requires minimum assembly and preparatory works, thus reducing costs.
1.2. KTPBR - 35 / 10(6) - factory assembled complex transformer substation, intended for transmission and distribution of power energy of three-phase alternating current, 50 hertz, voltage 35, 10(6) kV, output of each transformer up to 6,3 MVA.

2. KRP(B)Z-27,5 - complex distributing devices (feeder blocks) of traction substations voltage 27.5 kV, intended for single-phase alternating current contact electric nets of with industrial frequency of 50 hertz. All the elements are factory assembled (block type); equipment is delivered in a complete set; design KRP(B)3-27,5 kV satisfies all requirements of technical documentation and is agreed with "UkrZhelDor" ("Ukrainian Railroad").

3. KG-6 complex distributing device is intended for electric nets with three-phase alternating current, 50 and 60 hertz, voltage class 6 kV, in distributing devices of NPP and TPS for their own needs. Rated current - 630-3150 A, rated breaking current - 40 kA, supplied with SF6 circuit breakers. Size (mm): 750x1850x2485(h).

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