Consumers-Sklo-Zorya, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    vil. Zoria, Rivne distr., Rivne reg., 35314, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0362) 69-21-02, 69-21-04
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General Director - Pierre Morleva

- world-class custom glassware

Consumers-Sklo-Zorya, the leading Ukrainian glassware producer, was founded by Consumers Packaging Inc., Canada, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Zorya Agricultural Firm in January 1997. In November 1998, the new furnace was started up, and in June 1999 the plant reached its normal operational level. In 2001, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development became the major shareholder of the company, which was now registered as a closed joint-stock company and received a name of Consumers-Sklo-Zorya.

Today, the plant has about 450 employees; its yearly turnover is circa 200 million bottles and jars made of flint glass. CSZ is one of the most efficient enterprises in this business field; its packing rate is over 90%, which is higher than the western standard of 85%.

CSZ's main customers in Ukraine are, first of all, Ukrainian leading liquor and soft-drink producers such as Soyuz-Victan, Nemiroff, Olimp; these companies have won many contests for high quality of their product and devotion to clients and are well known to the Ukrainian customer. In total, the share of these companies on the Ukrainian market is circa 50%. Besides, the plant has been making jars and bottles for Ukrainian leaders in canning, ketchup and mayonnaise production, namely Chumak, Fozzi, Green Ray, Torchyn.
Although Ukraine is and will remain CSZ's most important market (about 60% of glass containers produced by the plant are sold to Ukrainian customers), CSZ also exports its product, mainly to Russia. The plant is heading the list of Ukrainian producers exporting flint glass containers to Russia. CSZ's major customers in Russia are widely known producers of high quality food and beverages such as Ost-Alco, Stolichny Trest, Smirnoff, Baltimore (the leading Russian producer of ketchups).

At the 14th Annual Business Forum "Slavic Bazaar" held by the Eastern Ukrainian Business Academy, CSZ was awarded a national quality mark "First Rate" for the high quality of its product and "Golden Jaguar" for unspotted business reputation. In 2001, CSZ's glass containers, which won the 2000 tender, were listed in the national catalogue "The Register of the Best Ukrainian Goods". CSZ is one of the companies traditionally listed on behalf of Rivne Oblast in various publications, including "The Golden Book of Ukrainian Elite", "Partners XXI" etc.
For CSZ, year 2002 was the year of victories and achievements. The customers warmly invited new custom bottles designed for Soyuz-Victan, Olimp, and Stolichny Trest companies, as well as new Chumak jars. At the annual packaging contest "The Star of Packaging 2002" held by the Ukrainian Club of Packagers and the Upakovka magazine, the plant became a winner in the nomination "Food Packaging".
Again in 2002, CSZ was listed in the national rating "100 Best Ukrainian Enterprises" held by the Assembly of Ukrainian Business Circles. Now the plant is working on the new Fozzi ketchup bottle.

CSZ invites all Ukrainian food and drink producers, who wish the best "clothes" for their product, to see what the plant can offer. We know how to meet your highest demands.

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