Dubno Plant of Technical Rubber Products, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    59 Mlynivska str., c. Dubno, Rivne reg., 35600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03656) 4-34-64, 6-74-71, (050) 373-00-99
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All products manufactured according to specifications, all of physics-mechanical characteristics of the aged, and over a long period of time, the plant has not received complaints on the quality of products.

Production capacity of the plant Dubnovskogo RTI allow a short time to make products to customer molds.

The main products of our factory- Household rubber mats. Part of the rugs presented with a unique design spines have a massage effect.

Mats are very easy to operate. In contrast to the analogues are very long (2 - 3 years) did not lose their properties to clear the mud and snow from the soles of shoes and at the same time remain the same" cute ", like on the day of purchase.

We also offer complete sets of automobile floor mats, will soon be expanding the model range of this type of product.