Bratslav, Open Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    124 Lenina str., c. Bratslav, Nemyriv distr., Vinnytsya reg., 22870, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04331) 2-24-82, 2-25-59, 5-18-66
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“Bratslav” Open Joint-Stock Company is the leading enterprise producing milking equipment in Ukraine.

A specialized design office functions at the enterprise.
The production of the following machines has been developed and mastered:
- a number of milking machines UID-10, UID-10S, UID-20 for farms of different size and form of ownership;
- milking machines UDB-100 for milking into the bucket;
- milking machines for milking into the milk pipe-lines UDM-50, UDM-100, UDM-200;
- milking machines for milking in summer camps UDL-12 and pastures UDP-8;
- milking machines for indoors milking UDT-8 “Tandem”, UDE-16 “Yalynka”;
- milk-cooling machines for farms OOM-1000, UOM-2000 and UOM-2500;
- facilities for milking machines “Unitest” maintenance;
- feed distributors KRS-15A and RKK-100;
- manure-delivering device TSN-3,OB;
- stall equipment;
- small-scale mechanizationunits;
- a complex of unified details and units for all types of milking machines.

The equipment developed at the enterprise has a high level of unification, corresponds to the world standards ISO 5707, is protected by licenses and inventors certificates, and has the certificates of conformance.

OJSC “Bratslav” has the following workshops: press-stamping, welding, mechanical, of thermoplastic automates, painting and assembly.

Today each dairy farm in Ukraine utilizes milking machines or their details and units produced in Bratslav. The equipment manufactured by OJSC “Bratslav” is exported to Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Tunis and other countries.

Designers and engineers of OJSC “Bratslav” work on modernization of production run equipment and design milking machines equipped by milking automates and automated control systems of process technology.