Ukrainsky Grafit, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    20 Pivnichne shose, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69600, Ukraine
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    +38(061) 289-51-10, (0612) 13-71-90, 35-70-63
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General Director - Serhiy Kutuzov

Ukrainsky Grafit is the sole Ukrainian manufacturer of graphite electrodes for electrical steel furnaces, ore furnaces and other types of electrical furnaces, as well as lining materials based on carbon.

The Dniprovsk Electrode-Manufactiring Works (DEMW) , the former name of the enterprise, was set up in 1933. Successfully developing and extending, the enterprise soon became a leader in the electrode-manufacturing industry in the country. In 1994, Dniprovsk Electrode-Manufactiring Works changed its legal status and presently known as "Ukrainsky Grafit" Open Joint-Stock Company.
In 1997, Borys Petrov was elected as Chairman of the Board, General Director of Ukrainsky Grafit, whose efficient management allowed the enterprise to reach high international standards, despite unfavourable economic situation.

For 67 years of its operation we have acquired substantial experience that allows us to improve constantly our manufacturing processes, to produce high-quality products, that can compete with their world counterparts. Today Ukrainsky Grafit is the manufacturer of a wide range of carbon and graphite materials:
- graphite electrodes of various types and sizes for UHP steel furnaces. The produced sizes vary from 100 up to 700 mm in diameter. That of electrodes is within the range of 300 and 610 mm. These are manufactured from special high-quality needle cokes produced in Japan, the UK, and the USA.;
- cathode ( bottom and side-wall) blocks for aluminium electrolyzers. Apart from bottom blocks of 800 to 2400 mm in length, Ukrainsky Grafit has started manufacturing new kinds of bottom blocks of 2800, 2900, 3000, 3350, 3500 and 3700 mm in length. On request, the blocks with graphite content of 30, 50, 70% and more can be manufactured. Carbon and graphite blocks for the lining of any type of blast and ore furnaces are also manufactured by customer's drawings;
- electrode paste for Soderberg electrodes is manufactured in various sizes (including large sizes);
- anode paste is intended for use in aluminium electrolysers with upper and side-wall current conductors. It is produced as briquettes weighing from 0.1 to 1500 kg.;
- various products from artificial graphite.

Paying primary attention to the product quality, in 1997, the enterprise was the first in the country to commission a new workshop to manufacture raw coal to produce various lining materials and carbon pastes. The workshop is equipped with electrical calcinators for deep heat treatment of raw materials. This allows to considerably improve performance characteristics of our products to attract new consumers, mostly from abroad

The reliability and quality of the products were acknowledged by many international institutions. On June 13, 2000, Ukrgrafit quality management system was certified by German SGS - ICS Gesellschaft fur Zertifizierungen m.b.H. und Umweltgutachter for conformity with ISO 9001 international standard.

Today, Ukrainsky Grafit has entered international markets and is involved in active foreign trade activity, delivering finished products to many countries of the world: the CIS, Europe, the USA, South Africa, Asia.

Ukrainsky Grafit is capable of expanding the range of manufactured products. With the purpose of attracting investors, the company developed investment projects for the sites requiring urgent recostruction. In particular that intended for the construction of the graphitization facilities (by Acheson method) and electrode machining. The total value of the latter amounts to USD 40,000,000, with the payback period being 15 years.

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