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    91 Levanevskoho str., c. Bila Tserkva, Kyiv reg., 09108, Ukraine
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    +38(04563) 3-73-91, 3-77-00, 5-54-39, (800) 50-72-07
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"Rosava" tyres mean reliability, durability, comfort and safety.

CJSC "Rosava" is one of the largest tyres manufacturers in Ukraine, and the leader of radial tyres for domestic and foreign passengers cars, light trucks, buses, microbuses, trolley-buses, trucks, agricultural machines and fork lifts. 50 models from them are designed for passenger cars and light trucks. The passenger tyres are used as original equipment tyres for such cars as ZAZ, VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and "Moskvich". "Rosava" tyres can be used as well at the foreign cars: "Alfa-Romeo", "Audi", "BMW", " Volvo", "Mercedes", "Opel", "Peugeot", "Renault", "Ford", "Volkswagen" and others on the rims of 13, 14, 15, 16 inche diameter at observing speed and load specifications. tyres of 8 models have got safety certificate according to ECE Regulations in Europe №30 with the speed category "H" (210 km/h).

Tyres for light trucks and microbuses are manufactured with the rim diameter of 14, 15, 16 inches for the trucks AMO, ZIL, GAZ, IVECO-KRAZ" as well as for foreign trucks at observing of speed and load specifications.

Passenger tyres have different tread pattern: road, all-season, winter and universal. They can be used at the ambient temperatures from –45C to +55C on the roads with the pavement of I-IV categories. The production made by our factory is of better quality in comparing with the production made by other factories in Ukraine and CIS countries. The passenger tyres meet the international requirements, as they have got:
- high tread pattern wear resistance.
- possibility of using at high speed and load during long period.
- good stability and handling on wet roads adhesion on snow and icy roads, low heat generation, safety.
- tubeless tyres guarantee high safety at the puncture and tread pattern damage comparing with diagonal tyres.

Truck tyres produced by "Rosava" are used at ZIL, GAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ, and KRAZ trucks, LAZ, LIAZ, “Icarus” buses, ZIU, UMZ trolleybuses and other trucks of the same type with the rim of 20. They have road and universal tread pattern and cross-country capability. Agricultural tyres are used for harvesters, tractors, trailers with carrying capacity of 2,4 t.

They have universal, road cross-country tread pattern. Besides, the factory manufactures the tyres for lift trucks and other agricultural machines.

"Rosava" trucks and light trucks tyres are made with reinforced anide and polyamide cord in the carcass, they are radial with steel belt.

If compared with diagonal tyres, radial tyres have metal content and better specification.
CJSC "Rosava" continuously improves the quality of the tyres, reduces rejects and claims. As per quality and possibility of tyres, "Rosava" is a leader among the tire factories of CIS countries (Russia – 11 tire factories, Byelorussia – 1, Ukraine – 3).

It is conducting studying of new technologies, tyres assembling and vulcanizing was put into operation instead of old machines, 100% of passenger tyres, light trucks and microbuses are tested in the quality control laboratory. X-ray machine tests steel belt quality. Truck tyres are tested for misbalance.

All "Rosava" tyres for passengers cars, light trucks and trucks have got safety certificate according to the Rules №30 and №54 of UN ECE. They have got as well as Russian standard GOST.

Trade mark "Rosava" is registered in more than 40 countries. The production of the factory has got international recognition at different exhibitions and fairs and has received 8 international awards and prizes for the production quality.

In 1999 "Rosava" was included in the list of 100 main companies of Ukraine. After the participation in the exhibition "Ukraine – a step into a new millenium" "Rosava" was awarded the diploma of the national competition laureate "The highest hallmark" for the achievements in the production of the good quality tyres.

"Rosava" tyres completely meet the modern requirements thanks to the construction and modern tread pattern, high directional stability, good traction and grip on wet road at any climate and season.

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