Azot, Severodonetsk Complex, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    5, Pivovarova str., c. Severodonetsk, Lugansk reg., 93403, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0645) 71-20-28, 71-21-23, (06452) 2-99-69
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Severodonetsk "Azot" Association is the largest chemical enterprise in Ukraine. It consists of several powerful engineeing complexes which are involved in processing natural gas, benzol, ethylene and other kinds of chemical raw materials.

The enterprise has developed repair-mechanical, power engineering, device-repairing departments, diversed auxiliary departments, own purifying systems, services of automated control systems and environment control.

The company produces the following chemicals:
- ammonia;
- ammonium nitrate, carbamide;
- potassium nitrate;
- concentrated nitric acid;
- purified nitric acid;
- sodium nitrate;
- carbonic-ammonia salt;
- methyl alcohol;
- formalin;
- adipinic acid;
- vinyl acetate and substances of it (polyvinylacetate dispersion, polyvinyl alcohol);
- acetic acid;
- urea-formaldehyde resins;
- household chemicals (cleaning washing, bleaching detergents, polyvinylacetate glue, polyethylene goods, polyethylene film)
Large-capacity workshops for production of high-pressure polyethylene and synthetic sebacic acid are conservated.

Totally the company poduces over 80 types of chemicals with annual turnover of USD 100 mln. All products are certified, have high quality of performance and are in constant demand at the national and international markets. Over 50% of the produced commodities are exported to the USA, Canada, Japan, China, countries of the Western Europe, South America, Russia and other CIS countries.

For the quality of products and their competitiveness, strict performance of contracts and active integration into the global economy "Azot" Company was awarded with a number of prestigious international awards, namely "Gold Globe" and Trade Leader Club prize.

The company has rich experience in cooperation for construction and operation of big chemical plants with such prominent companies as "Salzgitter", "BASF" (Germany), "Lummus" (France), "Stamicarbon" (the Netherlands), "TEK" (Japan).

At the moment the company started successive reconstruction and renovation of the plant. To carry out the project the company prepared a number of perspective business-projects and invites leading companies and investors to participate in the projects.
Among the offered business-projects are as follows:
- reconstuction of polyethylene and ammonium nitrate poduction workshops,
- construction of a large-scale methyl alcohol making workshop,
- switching cebacinic acid workshop into a melamine-making workshop,
- construction of chlorpenol caoutchouc and 1,4-butanediol.
Also we plan to construct a terminal for re-loading acetic acid from railway carriages to tankers at the Black Sea.
All the investment projects offered have real marketing perspective and small pay-back period.

You can safely invest your assets and also receive quick vast profits taking into account powerful engineering and personnel potential of the company, long experience of efficient cooperation with the leading companies. "Azot" company is ready for such cooperation!

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