Nikolaev Alumina Plant, Company

  • Address:
    62-A Artema st., c. Mykolayiv, 54051, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 24-31-34, 24-41-83, 29-14-34, 55-11-42, 63-28-16, 69-23-84
General director - Yuriy H. Ovchinnikov
Commercial Director - Alexey Gordymov, phone 55-11-42
CEO of Sales and Transport Department - Oleg Gusev, phone 63-28-16
CEO of Logistics Department - Sergey Chelyshev, 24-31-34, 29-14-34

The Nikolaev Alumina Plant is one of the biggest non-ferrous metallurgical plants in Europe, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The plant was built in 1980 in cooperation with Aluminium Pechiney, Lurgi and other western companies.

The plant is situated several miles from the town of Nikolaev, on the picturesque bank of the Dnepr-Bug estuary. Apart from the principal alumina production facilities with auxiliary units and the engineering structures, the plant benefits from the following other facilities:
- Dnepr - Bug sea port with a freight handling volume up to 6 million tonnes per year.
- Dnepr-Nikolaev water pipline;
- Social and accommodation facilities.

- furnace alumina;
- aluminum hydroxide G-00;
- gallium 3N5 (GL-1), 4N5 (GL-0);
- foundry in assortment;
- alumina cake;
- lime paste.

- transhipment of general and bulk cargo in Dnepro-Bugsky Sea port.

- alumina;
- hydroxide;
- gallium;
- foundry;
- alumina cake.

- production facilities.

In april 2002 the plant was received a certificate of compliance (№1192-2002-AQ-HEL-FINAS) issued by an independent fund "DEN NORSKE VERITAS" which certifies compliance of management system with the international standard EN ISO 9001 ed 2000.

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