• Address:
    41 Dekabrystiv str., c. Mykolayiv, 54020, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 37-18-01, 37-18-07, 37-76-80
Director - Hachaturov E.

Welding and gas cutting units, programmable laser metall cutting installations.

The "Crystal" plant is producing the welding and gas cutting units for the shipbuilding industry, welding stations and semi-automates, units for gas and laser metal cutting, equipment for the sewing industry, consumer goods.
The enterprise is interested in attracting investments for the realization of he projects "Learning to Handle Serial Production of New Programmable Generation Machinery for the termal metal cutting" and "Learning to Handle Serial Production of Module-block Sources of Welding Current". The total amount of the investment - USD 5,4 million.