ELAX, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    87 Vapnyana str., c. Odesa, 65006, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 734-66-38, (063) 785-91-67
  • Web-site:
General Director - D. Pirozhkov

In 1856 "Golzapfel & Gendre" company was established in Odesa manufacturing paints for vessels and agricultural machinery.

Today the company is named "Elax". It has become one of the largest and best equipped Ukrainian manufacturers of varnish and paint products.

To its traditional products for vessels, machinery, electronics, defence industry and civil construction, the company has added coatings for the canning industry and nuclear power sector not produced in Ukraine before.

"Elax" paints have been used in "Soyuz" and "Buran" spacecraft, "Cosmonaut Gagarin" and "Cosmonaut Komarov" ships, Petergof palace and Mariinsky Palace, the Residence of the President of Ukraine.

In 1994-1998 "Elax" acquired state-of-the-art German, Swiss and Danish equipment; the laboratory capacity was improved allowing to renew 50% of the products, most of the new products being environmentally friendly and without organic solvents.

The company actively participates in numerous trade-sgows, such as "Odesa 96", "Neva 97", and Odesa 98".

"Elax" is interested in establishing new mutually beneficial contacts, expanding to new markets, and obtaining information about innovative technologies, which will facilitate achieving the company's main objective - providing European quality at Ukrainian prices.