Bilokrynytskiy Integrated Bakery, Subsidiary of Khlib Ukrainy, State Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    5, Kakhovska str., c. Bila Kryinyitsya, Velykoolexandrivskyi distr., Kherson reg., 74112, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05532) 2-17-91, 2-23-52, 2-23-72
Director - Mykola Kambur

Main products/services:
Groats (wheat, barley), combined fodder

Additional products/services:
Storage services, grain processing, load-handling

Turnover (Main production/services)(thous. US$/year): 228, including domestic market - 228
Turnover (Additional production/services)(thous. US$/year): 758, including domestic market - 758
Fixed assets value (thous. US$): 13715
Contributed capital (thous. US$): 8618

The enterprise has an advantageous geographic location near adjoinig regions, has free
production floor areas and site areas

Legal status: State ownership
Form of ownership: State enterprise
Share of state ownership(%): 100%
Code ZKPO: 00952373
Year of founded: 1934