Dashukovskie Bentonity, Public Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    vil. Dashukivka, Lysyansk distr., Cherkasy reg., 19330, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04749) 6-23-30, 6-24-32
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Chairman of the Board - Mr. Yu. Frindt

Dashukovskie Bentonity Public Joint Stock Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bentonite and palygorskite clays in Ukraine. The Dashukovskie Bentonity Project is one of the Astron-Ukraine Corporation businesses. It incorporates a number of companies operating in various industrial fields, performing different investment, manufacturing and trading activities.

The Dashukovskie Bentonity OJSC and the Dashukovskie Bentonity Trading Company Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading group that made its 28-year way through from a small clay quarry to a large plant becoming the leader of bentonite market in CIS and EU offering high quality bentonite products at manufacturer's price at first hand.

Thanks to the unique location and well managed logistics, the Company is able to provide favorable prices to all partners and future consumers both on the territory of the CIS countries and the European Union.

State-of-the-art technologies of the Dashukovskie Bentonity OJSC allows to manufacture a wide range of high quality bentonite products. In June 2005, the Company certified its quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard. Quality of all products is monitored by the Plant laboratory with its most high tech equipment that complies with the world standards and is certified by the Cherkassy Regional Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center.

Today, the product range is targeted at metallurgy, oil and gas, machine building fields, as well as horizontal directional drilling and consumer segment. Our partners include over 200 large industrial companies from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia and Poland.

Being engaged into research and development programs, the Company is constantly working on quality improvement developing new kinds of competitive products that would be able to meet growing demands of the dynamically developing market.