Dnipropres, Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    139 Heroyiv Stalinhradu str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49700, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 740-42-10, 763-60-41, 763-70-60
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Chairman of the Boad - V. Necheporenko

Open Joint-Stock Company «Dnipropress» has a long association with the design and manufacture of a wide range of types and sizes of presses of differrent purposes and is available to select the right press or related equipment which is applicable for your products manufacturing:
- 3 up to 63 MN Forging Presses and Complexes with top and bottom drives;
- 4 up to 100 MN Metal-Forming Presses;
- 6 up to 10 MN Metal Powder Presses and Complexes;
- 4 up to 10 MN multi-daylight Presses for furniture and wood-processing industry with hot plates of 1100 x 2400 up to 2600 x 12990 mm size;
- 12,5 up to 25 MN multi-daylight Presses for sheet plastics with hot plates of 1100 x 2500 mm size;
- Equipment for manufacture of plastic products;
- 5 up to 6,3 MN Cotton Baling Presses;
- Equipment for manufacture of construction materials including bricks, ceramic tile, roof tile, street tile as well as stone splitting presses;
- 8 up to 50 MN vulcanizing presses;
- Equipment for agricultural products processing: oil lines and presses, presses for leather emboss-ing, 6 and 12 pots cocoabutter presses;
- Rail-bound, floor forging manipulators;
- Self-contained electro-steam generators of 26000 and 65000 kcal/h capacity;
- Installation for roof repair of prepared roofing paper;
- Briquetting Presses for chips and wood waste;
- Pump-accumulator Station and high-pressure pumps for water and water emulsion.
- Slush Pumps with Spare Parts for oil - gas Industry.
Furthermore, additional to the above presses JSC «Dnipropress» produces more than 100 models of hydraulic presses custom-designed to meat the requirements of practically all branches of industry. Remarkable progress is taking place in the production of optional equipment such as:
- spare parts for presses produced and for another equipment;
- hot plates for presses of home and import production of up to 15m lenght;
- steel and iron castings (0,3 - 15 t);
- non-ferrous castings up to 0,4 t;
- press and hammer forgings;
- round billets with machining and drilling;
- machining of up to 250 t weight parts.
Assisting Customers on production problems is considered as a part of JSC «Dnipropress» job. At their request we provide maintenance and putting into commissioning of equipment produced, delivery of spare parts within the whole period of its commissioning.

- Steel castings:
plates, tables, bushings, bodies, crossheads, anvil blocks, connecting rods, caps of connecting rods, cushings and ets. weighing from 1000 kg up to 1500 kg of carbon 20JI, 25JI, 35JI, 45JI, 17FC, 40X grades of steel quantity production of which is 5 pcs and more.
- Iron castings:
plates, ingot moulds, bottom plates, extensions, frames, foundry crucibles and ets. weighing from 300 up to 15000 kg of CH15, CH20 iron grades quantity production of which is 5 pcs and more.
- Non-ferrous castings:
bronze bushings weighing from 60 up to 400 kg of the following dimensions: outer diameter 130 -500 mm, inner diameter 70 - 540 mm, height 300 - 700 mm, Br 05U.5C5, Br 010O1, Br A)KP-4. Castings under pressure - zinc, aluminium and brass alloys of differing purposes. Material is sup-plied by the Customer.
- Forgings from ingots of:
round section 200 - 400 mm diameter, 1,5 - 6,0 m length, round section with shoulders, discs, discs with holes, bushings, cylinders weighing up to 3000 kg of 20JI, 25JI, 35JI, 45JI, 40X, 5XHM, 40XH, 18XT, 17FC grades of steel.
- Hammer forgings from rolled stock like:
cubes, discs, discs with holes, smooth round shafts of carbon 20, 25, 36, 45 grades of steel weighing from 20 up to 150kg.
The equipment and techniques can be custom-designed to meet your specific application.
We are available to meet your production problems at any time!

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