Dnipropetrovsk Combine-Harvester Plant, Collective Production Enterprise

  • Address:
    27 Udarnykiv str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49019, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 372-21-07, 374-27-54, (0562) 42-28-28
  • Web-site:
Director: Volodymyr F. Horbenko

"Dnipropetrovsk Combine-Harvester Plant", Collective Production Enterprise is one of the oldest enterprises in the Dnieper Region specializing in production of beet harvesting machinery.

- universal self-propelled root-crop harvesting machine RKM-6;
- self-propelled root-crop harvesting machine MKK-6-02;
- self-propelled beet loader-cleaner SPS-4.22A;
- haulm-lifting trailed machine MBP-6;
- root-crop harvesting machine MKR-2-3;
- trailed two-row combine harvester KSP-2;
- consumer goods:wall-mounted two-horn "Neptune" luminaire, transport trolley for household husbandr needs, moto-car trailer;
- orchard and vegetable garden tools;
- domestic kitchenware