Zhitomir factory of non-standardized equipment

  • Address:
    3 Pombrovskoho vul, c. Zhytomyr, 10003, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0412) 42-06-66, 42-65-28
Chairman of the Board: V. Onoprienko

Zhytomyr Plant specializes in production of automobile steering rods and their components, parts of front suspension: pivots, pins, and blocks of rods; ball bearings, clutch staffs; supplies them to the assembly line and meets servicing needs of ZIL, GAZ, VAZ, ZAZ automobiles and LIAZ, LAZ buses.

We have also started production of track bolts for tractors manufactured at Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Our plant features flow-line and mass production. Parts are exposed to heat treatment on automated chemical and heat treatment lines, with shanks being preliminarily plated with copper; and to hardening on semi-automated installations generating high-frequency current.

We have developed production of dry cylinder liners made from blanks cast in grey cast iron alloyed with copper and titanium, which are used for cars.

The foundry output makes up 4.8 thousand tons a year and machining output is 1 million pcs a year. We have created production facilities to manufacture 40 thousand hydraulic jacks of 5 tf and 12 tf a year.

The plant possesses a full-scale production bay where we have installed a “machining center” machine tools and other NCS that make it possible to reorient production towards diesel nozzles (without sprayers) and other parts.

All products have been certified in accordance with GOST (Moscow) and UKRSEPRO (Kyiv) systems, thus meeting requirements for quality.

The plant is equipped with the following instruments:
? Three-plate engine “OPTON UMC-550” KOMEG company (Germany)
? Out-of-round gauge “TOLYYOND-3”
? Out-of-round gauge “TOLYYOND-200”
? Roughness indicators “TOLYSEY F”, RABK-HOBSON company (England)

To check our products for quality we have chemical-analysis, metal science, linear-angular measurement and mechanical testing laboratories and a bay equipped with test beds “HARTRIDY” (England) and NC-207 (Czech) for servicing and diagnostics of automobile fuel systems.

Toolmaker’s shop meets requirements of the plant in terms of production of equipment and is equipped with 3 GURING (Germany) lines designed for manufacture of drills of diameter from 0,2 –20 mm, with the total output of 2,5 thousand pcs per shift. Products are exposed to heat treatment in vacuum furnaces produced by “Elterma” company (Poland).

The repair shop is equipped with appropriate machine tools and repairs frames of machine tools and other parts.

The plant has a site with a floor space of 75 ha that is planned to be used as a bay for production of diesel fuel equipment (the main building occupying 70.000 m2 of floor space, boiler house, power substation). The bay is 70 % completed. Through a lack of funds its construction was suspended 5 years ago. The bay can be used for production of automobile parts and their assembly.

We would welcome any proposals of cooperation as well as those for completion of the bay building and selling our products.