Anna, Closed Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    30 Marshala Yeremenka str., c. Kerch, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06561) 2-04-64, 2-10-14, 2-11-61
President - Anna O. Abakarova

Company code: 00309482
Form of property: Collective
Year of foundation: 1939
Sphere of business:
- ready-made garments
Production ability: 300 thousand pcs/year (USD 2-2.5 million)
Authorized fund: UAH 40,000
Amount of property: 4489 thousand grn.
Bank account: 260023126501 MFO 324098 Ukraine Social Bank in the town of Kerch


Kerch Sewing Factory was founded in 1939.
Main production is children clothes.
In 1977 a new four-floor building with manufacturing shops, workshops and stocks was constructed.
JSC "ANNA" was founded in 1993 as a result of transformation of Kerch sewing factory into a Joint Stock Company
In 1998 CJSC "ANNA" was awarded by “Gold Fortune” diploma for its high achievement in production organization and new technology exploration.

The Company is located in the city center


JSC “Anna” is a sewing factory. The main kind of production is stylish and high quality clothes for children and teenagers.
The assortment of children clothes consists of suits, jackets, blouses, coats, dresses, trousers, sports wear, caps and hats, goods for babies, school uniform, etc.

The company also produces women’s wear, workers and military uniform.
JSC "ANNA" works on season fashion collections which later are used for main production. Collections include over 150-200 high quality models.


Clothing manufacture is located in one building.
They are:
1-st floor:
- Canvas preparation zone with canvas stock S = 720 m2
- Ready production stock: S = 288 m2
- Mechanical workshops and other auxiliary units
2-nd floor:
- Model preparation and decoration zone: S = 720 m2
- Experimental design zone: S = 432 m2
- Sewing zone: S = 216 m2
- Mechanical repairing workshop
3-rd floor:
- Three sewing zones: S1 = 1296 m2, S2 = 108 m2, S3 = 72 m2
- Furniture and other materials stocks: S = 54 m2

Sewing process consists of the following steps

1. Model design
1.1. Design of model drawing
1.2. Manufacturing of an example
2. Preparation of model for serial manufacturing
2.1. Developing of templates for different sizes/ages
2.2. Developing of technical documentation
3. Fabric preparation for main manufacturing
4. Cutting of fabric
5. Sewing of models in main manufacturing
6. Decoration and other processing of models
7. Packing of ready products

CJSC "ANNA" is equipped by modern utility of famous German, Japanese and Polish companies.


The organization management principal is two tier:
top management – company general manager and his assistants
middle management – heads of departments, heads of production zones

The company is open for any kind of cooperation:
with join production
with negotiation conditions
with partners' raw materials

Working with our company you will get top quality production from Ukrainian manufacturer. Flexible price system permits to find individual approach to each client.

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