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    1 Varshavska str., c. Kovel, Volyn reg., 45007, Ukraine
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    +38(03352) 6-10-02, 6-10-31, 6-10-60, 6-10-82
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"Kovelsilmash" LLC is an up-to-date powerful engineering plant which was established in 1969. It is situated in the northwestern part of Ukraine. Such geographical situation gives the advantages for selling and delivering the products to the CIS countries, Baltic states and European countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands etc.) both by motor and by railway transport due to the fact that the distance to the Ukraine-Poland boarder is 60 km and to Ukraine-Belarus boarder - 80 km.

The total area occupied by "Kovelsilmash" JSC is about ha 75 including the production areas of sq.m 166 191. The surface of all the buildings and constructions is sq.m 211 000. Production itself is placed in three separate blocks containing 8 main and 12 auxiliary shops and sectors.

The main productions divisions are as follows:
- machining - 5200 sq.m
- cold sheet stamping - 8700 sq.m
- assembling - 3350 sq.m
- contact and arc welding - 6400 sq.m
- heat treatment - 2200 sq.m
- painting - 5200 sq.m
- galvanization - 1000 sq.m
- hot d stamping - 27103 sq.m
- chains manufacturing - 52850 sq.m
- cold upset - 860 sq.m
- tools production sector - 2068 sq.m
- main mechanic division - 10368 sq.m

Totally the production is placed in three main separate blocks (buildings). The number of administrative buildings - 4.

The first production block is the agricultural machine building plant with total area of 49 815 sq.m. The surface of the main shops amounts 42475 sq.m. The main products of this division are as follows:
- various modifications of manure cleaning conveyers meant for manure cleaning of any consistency with any kind of bedding from canals, situated along the cattle stalls, cattle tethered, manure forwarding outdoors and loading it on transport facilities;
- rake-agitators meant for raking dry and air-dried feed-up and agitating raked swaths;
- fertilizer transporting and spreading machines for solid organic manure with the loading capacity range 5 up to 14 tons;
- grain cleaning separator machines for secondary purification of grain, grain-pulse, technical crops and oil-plants, hay-seed.

The second production block is the press plant with the total area of 35581 sq.m; the main press shop - 33213 sq.m, tools shop - 2368 sq.m.
Our press plant is one of the biggest in Ukraine specialized in steel treatment with pressure.
The main type if the products of this plant are press and smith forging parts. This division is also specialized in manufacturing of press tools and tools set, blanks which are made by means of electroslag remelting.
The capacity of press plant gives us the forging parts of different modifications with weight range of kg 0,2 - 70. The forging process id performed with in-line system provided with the following technological equipment: crank hot press machines with the press force of kN 10 000, kN 16000, kN 25000, kN 40000, kN 63000; and upsetting machine fith the force of kN 6300 ans kN 3000.

The third production block is the plant of round link steel welded chains with the total area of 70130 sq.m: main shop - 52850 sq.m. Generally to say 671 units of technological machines are installed there including: chain bending machines - 449 units; chain welding machines - 203 units, heat treatment equipment - 19 units.

This powerful specialized round link chains production premises established in 1975 is the biggest one in CIS countries and in the world. At present "Kovelsilmash" JSC has at its disposal Western German technological equipment. The annual capacity of the chains factory is 50000 tons.
This production division manufactures round link chains 3-26 mm in diameter of low carbon and low alloyed steels for purposes listed below:
1. According to European standard norms (DIN).
1.1 Tested, not calibrated, long link chains.
1.2 Calibrated, tested chains.
2. For agricultural machine building and husbandry use.:
2.2. Three-end chains for cattle tethering.
2.3. Two-end chains for domestic use.
3. Chains for various general purposes.
For working chain loop of manure cleaning conveyers hot-riveted plate chains with forged link are produced.
4. High-tensile chains for mining equipment.
5. Flight chains completed with flights for mining conveyers. By chains production previous material forming is performed, then bending, welding, heat treatment, calibrating, drain, testing and coating.

All three production blocks are technologically interdependent and compose one entire unit when manufacturing main products -agricultural machines.
"Kovelsilmash" JSC sells its products in domestic and foreign markets.

Technical equipment, advantageous geographical situation of "Kovelsilmash" JSC create for our enterprise facilities for mutually beneficial cooperation with home and foreign firms. As to the business aim followed by "Kovelslmash" JSC it is further cooperation with foreign companies, establishment of Joint Ventures, increasing sales markets in Europe by means of retail and wholesale business.

Always ready to cooperate, we are waiting for your inquiries and orders! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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