Crystal, Small Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    17, Ternopilska str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 78-48-81, 78-48-82, 78-48-84, 78-48-86
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Director: Mr. Kostyantyn Romanovych Ageyev

"Crystal", Small Private Enterprise develops, produces and supplies electronics. The enterprise has been present in the market of electronics suppliers since 1992. During this period we have produced and supplied 2.6 million blocks to 36 enterprises of the CIS.

"Crystal", Small Private Enterprise produces to order the following electronic blocks for electronic instruments, kitchen equipment, electronic separators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, lighters and others:
- speed regulator for commutator motor
- speed stabilizer for commutator motor
- voltage regulator
- power regulator
- command-device
- electronic timer
- obstacle suppressing filter in hermetic frames (joint production with a Czech firm)

Use of components manufactured in developed countries allows the enterprise to produce high quality and safety goods at reasonable prices.

The enterprise provides warranty service and repair of consumer electronics and electronic instruments.

"Crystal" has its own production buildings, production equipment and transport facilities. The enterprise has accumulated experience of wholesale and retail trade in consumer electronics and electronic instruments. The enterprise has two shops in Khmelnytsky.

The production capacity of the enterprise allows it to increase production, extend the range of products, and enlarge the number of customers and partners.

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