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Dneprospetsstal, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    81 Pivdenne shose, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69008, Ukraine
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    +38(061) 283-40-05, 283-40-15, 283-43-15
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Dneprospetsstal uses advantages of up-to-date technologies, produces and sells high quality special steels and alloys, builds its business for the benefit of shareholders, partners and personnel.

Dneprospetsstal is the Ukrainian leader and one of the leading enterprises in the CIS working in special metallurgy. From the date of foundation in the year 1932 Dneprospetsstal Works has been specialising in manufacturing of stainless, tool, high-speed, bearing, alloyed constructional steel production as well as production of heat resistant nickel-based alloys. During this period producing of more than 800 steel grades and about 1000 sections of rolled stock has been developed.

Dneprospetsstal keeps mastering new products that are in demand in the market of special steels and alloys. Company activity aimed at the maximal satisfying of continuously increasing customer requirements, at setting up of long-lasting cooperation. Our long-term clients are our partners and we are proud that among them are not only world leading companies but also small firms. The number of buyers of our products is constantly growing. We are always pleased with new business contacts and open for partnership.

Depending on size and section the product range of DNEPROSPETSSTAL can be classified in:
- hot-rolled round machined bars from 20 to 280 mm in diameter
- hot-rolled round bars from 8 to 130 mm in diameter without machining
- hot-rolled square billet from 45 to 180 mm and 230 to 250 mm square side
- blooms from 120 to 280 mm square side
- hot-rolled square bar from 8 to 100mm square side
- hot-rolled flat bars with section size from 6 12 x 45-50 mm and 40x150mm
- forged round bars from 80 to 550mm
- forged square bars with square side from 80 to 450 mm
- forged flat bars with section size 30 150 x 80- 350 mm and 100-300 x 300-800 mm
- cold-drawn bars with ground and polished surface from 2 to 50 mm in dia.

DNEPROSPETSSTAL constantly develops and modernizes production facilities, implementing new technologies and up-to-date equipment that results in the highest quality product performance .
The manufacturing process is an optimal combination of different technological procedures, which provide making high quality products with designed properties, meeting unique customer requirements.

Steel melting process is effected in four steel-making shops equipped with open-hearth basic electric arc furnaces with capacity 30 to 60 tones, one induction furnace from 8 tones and ESR-and VAR-furnaces.
Ingots applied are from 0,215 to 7,4 tones in weight. Steel can be cast in sheet slabs with weight 8,9 to 14,7 tones.

Steel making shop 1 is equipped with semi-continuos casting unite to produce consumable electrodes with square side of 370 mm for further electro slag remelting and round electrodes of 405 mm in dia for vacuum arc remelting.
In steelmaking shop 2 argon-oxygen refining converter is installed which allows to produce low-carbon corrosion resistant stainless steel by duplex process- open electric arc furnace plus converter (EAF+AOD)

In the steel-making shop 3 the high quality characteristics of steel are obtained by treatment of semi-product in DANIELI-ladle-furnace with further degassing of the melt in MANNESMANN DEMAG degasser.

Steelmaking shop 5 is equipped with ESR and VAR-furnaces of various capacities. Ingots for further working from 0,9 to 6,0 tones in weight and sheet slabs from 9,3 to 20,0 tones can be produced.

Steel products of high quality corresponding to strict requirements to metal structure and harmful impurities content can be manufactured by ESR-process.

The manufacture of bearing, structural and stainless steel, Ni-Fe Ni- based alloys and bimetallic ingots combining carbon and stainless steel by VAR- process is implemented. High quality steel products free of any non-metallic inclusions can be obtained by vacuum- arc remelting

In 1980 Powder metallurgy shop was put into operation, which allows producing tool and high-speed steels with unique characteristics. Steel making process is carried out in induction furnace with capacity 4 tones. Subsequent applying of cold and hot isostatic pressing at the temperature 1100-1150C? and at the pressure 1000atm. permits to obtain metal structure characterized by homogeneity shows no evidence of carbide basket in the shape of extrusions 500mm in dia and 1,8 in weight. The shop produces round forgings from 80 up to 350mm in dia, 1.5-5m in length.

Dneprospetsstal is specialized in manufacturing of different section rolled stock. Rolling of ingots 3,6-7,4 tones in weight for section mill and producing of rolled stock 1360-280 mm can be processed on 1050 roughing mill.
Round and square rolled stock of 8-130mm in section as well as flats, bars with parabolically shaped edges and trapezium section bars are produced according to intensive schemes/planes and optimal sizing on section mill 550, 325, 280 .

According to the program of the Company development, it is planned to put into operation a shop for metal finishing in the second quarter of 2002.

Two brand new Landgraf lines (Italy) for bar straightening, turning and grinding will be installed in this shop. So it will be possible to machine bars 17-200 mm in diameter with surface precision h 9. Cutting and packing equipment will work in the shop as well. Therefore product appearance and packing for transportation will be improved. New shop capacity is planned 4000 tones per month.

Dneprospetsstal pays close attention to constant product quality improving. This is one of main functions of each Company subdivision.

Our products are certified to ISO 9002 by TUV CERT Certification Body. The Companys Quality Assurance System combines all necessary elements of personal responsibility and material and technological process parameter control. This system works at all manufacturing stages including incoming control of raw materials and finished product control on conformity with requirements of standards and technical protocols.
Dneprospetsstal products are also certified by Det Norske Veritas Society (Norway), Germanisher Lloyd, Lloyds Register, and Aircraft Register Committee of Interstate Aircraft (Russia). Besides we have approvals of American Railway Association (USA) for manufacturing of rough railway car axles.

Dneprospetsstal is fitted out with modern measuring and testing equipment that allows product quality testing of all necessary parameters.

The Companys technical specialists have mastered quality testing procedures provided by standards of European, Asian and Northern American markets.

Our main task is to provide high quality service. On customers order steel product can be produced and delivered in accordance with following requirements:
- maximum and minimum fixed limits of sulfur weight percent;
- guaranteed decarburization depth;
- guaranteed rate of non-metallic inclusions and grain size;
- fixed gas content in metal
- providing narrow limit range for weight percent of alloying elements
- guaranteed mechanical property level
- inspection of internal defects by non-destructive methods
- metal surface conditioning by machining and abrasive tools
- cutting in specified and multiple length
on agreement between sides it is possible to fulfil other additional requirements of our customers.

The Company can provide product delivery all over the world using automobiles, railways and sea transport in accordance with Incoterms 2000 requirements. Dneprospetsstal accomplishes product deliveries on any acceptable for partner conditions.

The Company helps its clients to cope with problems of providing modern high quality materials in production process and gives technical assistance in technical field on optimal application of these materials. Dneprospetsstal does business in Northern and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Dneprospetsstal always approves the reputation of high quality product manufacturer and reliable partner not only in Ukraine but world-wide.

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