Rolada, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    127 Pasichna str., c. Lviv, 79035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 297-65-18, 297-65-19
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Director - Mykhaylo F. Volkov

“Rolada” was formed in 1992.

Since that time a little sewing workshop has transformed into a modern, well equipped sewing factory. It has been achieved through creation of a strong company basis: the team of like-minded professionals.

Our collection includes men’s and women’s clothing made of cashmere, as well as of other fabrics, specially treated to be waterproof. Refined models, high sewing technology, use of versatile materials and an ability to meet the world’s standards – that is what sets “Rolada” apart from other companies.

Our fabrics and accessories are supplied by the best of Italian firms. From the very start of its existence, “Rolada” has been participating in fashion fairs in, Leipzig, New-York, Los-Angeles, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Kharkiv and Donetsk. Each season the firm presents 40-50 new models, which are worked out in three experimental departments.

At the symposium in the city of Kiev, which took place in October of 1989, “Rolada” was ranked as one of the five best manufacturers of sewn goods in Ukraine.
Due to their high quality, goods from “Rolada” have permanent demand not only in Ukraine, but in Russia, USA, Estonia, Latvia. The firm has lasting work experience with suppliers and customers from abroad.

From the very start of its existence the firm has repeatedly carried out subcontracting orders of European (Belgium, Germany) and American partners, working with given materials.

Production characteristics:

1. Space secured by the company for manufacturing: 2000 sq.m.

2. Number of persons employed in manufacturing: 120 people

3. Equipment:
- dubbing machine- KANNEGIESSER,
- irons- SUSSMAN,
- cutting machines-BULLMERWERK

4. Monthly production capacity:
- 3000 men’s jackets
- 2000 women’s overcoats
- 12000 men’s trousers
- 10000 women’s blouses

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