Electrotermometria, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    40 Kovelska str., c. Lutsk, Volyn reg., 43001, Ukraine
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    +38(0332) 21-03-19, 24-22-61, 77-43-07
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General Director - Oleh I. Malykhin

Public Joint-Stock Company “Electrotermometria” has a many year experiece in designing and producing devices for temperature measuring.
If you have problems with temprerature control within the range 200 deg.C below zero up to 2000 deg.C, we are at your service.

We produce:
- resistance thermo-converters made of platinum or copper
- thermoelectric converters to measure temperature of solid bodies, rare and gas-like matters;
- disposable thermoelectric converters to measure steel melts
- converters with unified current ouput signal for industrial general purpose and explosion safe utilization;
- temperature regulators;
- multi-point temperature signalizers;
- measuring converters;
- digital thermometers for temperature operational control in different media;
- sysstems of automatic adjustment and control by technological processes, which provide for saving up to 20-30% of power costs

The devices could be manufactured for general industrial purposes, explosion safe utilization with account of Marine register requirements and atomic energy norms. They have the corresponding certificates.

OJSC "Electrotermometria" produces reliable industrial and household meters to measure the volume of consumed water and gas pressure regulators for house-hold usage.

The company also produces water meters for hot and cold water (with the diameter of the coditional passage 15 mm, 20 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm), regulators to decrease average gas pressure to the low indications, mounting sets for the gas pressure regulators, metrologic and research equipment for alltypes of water meters and regulators.

We offer services in:
- developing new means of temperature control or in revisioning or updating the existant devices;
- scrap non-ferrous metals reprocessing;
- technical consulting and recommending in the issues of replacing foreign temperature cotrol means, selection and utilization of contact termomeasuring devices.

OJSC "Electrotermometria" has wide technological capabilities in the sphere of machining, punching, halvanic, assembling, plastics processing and other facilities. The quality of the designs, availability of qualified staff are the guarantee of wide functional capabilities of the produced items and their reliability. It also helps us solve any of your problems in short notice in the sphere of temperature measuring and accounting of the volumes of the consumed water.

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