Krasnolymanska, Coal Mining Company, State Enterprise

  • Address:
    9, Pobedy str., c. Rodynske, Krasnoarmiysk distr., Donetsk reg., 85310, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06239) 2-00-59, 4-12-91, 4-12-92
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The company's sphere of activity is production of high-quality coke (grade G) and energy concentrate.

The SHC "Krasnolimanskaya" invites to cooperation investment, innovative and other enterprises which can make technical or financial contributions into the development of one of the best enterprises of the coal industry.
The investment project: "Construction of a new block of the SHC "Krasnolimanskaya".
1. Production volumes
(coke and energy concentrate) 2 mln. tons annually
2. The terms of the project implementation 4 years
3. Pay-back period after the construction completion 5 years
4. Capitalized adjusted profit USD 10,400,000
5. Keeping the jobs 5,200 people
6. Capital investments necessary, including:
- the company's own funds USD 20 million
- outside investors' funds USD 14 million
Quality characteristics of the products:
coking concentrate of G grade percentage of ash 8.8%
moisture percentage 10%
sulfur 2.2%
volatile-matter yield 34%
plastic layer thickness 18%
Heat-removal capacity, Kcal/kg 6700/8300
energy concentrate percentage of ash 26.5%
moisture 10%
sulfur 2.3%
volatile-matter yield 35%
Heat-removal capacity, Kcal/kg 5800/8300
The State-Owned Holding Company comprising the JSC "Krasnolimanskaya Mine" and JSC "Concentration Plant "Krasnolimanskaya" is a single unit which allows to receive high-quality products without interruptions and additional expenses. The well thought-out economic policy, and strict contractual and financial discipline are things the two enterprises have in common.
All this demonstrates that the SHC "Krasnolimanskaya" is a reliable and stable enterprise, one of the leaders in the Ukrainian coal industry.
In the period of common setback in production the company's staff managed, using advanced engineering and technical solutions and new production organization methods, to make "Krasnolimanskaya" one of the three best coal-extracting Ukrainian enterprises having a high level of technical and economic indices.
The innovation activity of the technical and engineering staff of "Krasnolimanskaya" was duly estimated. The company's staff was awarded authoritative prizes:
1996 - The Golden Star of the European Center for Marketing Research, Brussels
1997 - Medal "For business cooperation", Tel-Aviv
1997 - included on the list of the 100 CIS leading industrial enterprises which were successful in the unstable conditions of transition to free market
1998 - International Award "For the Best Trade Mark – 1998" by the Trade Leaders' Club, Geneva and the membership in this Club
1998 - International American Award "Golden Quality Symbol", New-York City
1999 - The "Golden Mercury" Award of the Eastern Ukrainian Business Academy
2000 - "The Millennium Award" of the European Marketing Research Center, Brussels
2000 - The "Crystal Cornucopia" Award of the 4th International Popularity and Quality Rating "The Golden Fortune".