Kharkiv Design Office for Engine Engineering, Public Enterprise

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    13 Morozova str., c. Kharkiv, 61001, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 737-88-01, (0572) 50-42-25
The history of the state enterprise “Kharkov design office for engine building” (KDOE) is closely connected to the history of KhPZ - “Malyshev Plant”, that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1995 of the date of its foundation and the seventeenth anniversary of the armored machinery production.

The main direction of the KDOEE activity is the design of engines for military caterpillar vehicles. The fact that the Design Office co-operates with tank designers - Kharkov Design Office for Machine-Building named after A.A. Morozov, makes the Design Office unique. The scientific background and equipment are unique in the world.

The history of KDOEE goes back to 1932 , the year when the task was to design the first diesel tank engine. The mass production of the diesel engine V-2 for the T34 tank began in 1939. Replacement of the gasoline engine with the diesel one was a totally unexpected step for the enemies, and they never managed to overcome this gap.

The new two - stroke turbopiston engine 5TDF of 700 hp featuring unique specific power and weight as well as overall dimensions was developed for the new tanks of the post-war period. Its design considerably affected the appearance of the T64 tank. Its transversal disposition of the engine allowed to reduce double-side power take-off, small height, low heat emission, the tank silhouette and weight. Both the engine and the engine compartment represented a new trend in the world engine building.

On the basis of the five-cylinder engine, the six-cylinder engine of 1000 and 1200 hp was developed to be fitted with the T80UD tank, the T84 tank and to update the T72 tank. These engines surpass their counterparts in capacity and specific power of the engine compartment.

The 1000 and 1200 hp six-cylinder engines for T80UD and T84 tanks and for the update of the T72 tank were developed on the basis of the five-cylinder engine.

On the basis of the tank engines, the family of derated engines of 300...1000 hp was developed for motor-rail cars, diesel generators, drilling rigs, cementing installations and other consumers.

The enterprise is a large engineering complex, including design and production departments, research and testing subdivisions, production facilties. KDOEE fulfils a comprehensive range of works - the documentation development as well as its application for the mass serial production

The serial production of the engines has its own production facilties and specialized assembly production.

Small - displacement diesel engines of 8...70 hp were developed for needs of mine-engineering.

On the basis of small-displacement engines, a number of wheel machinery was developed such as four-wheel motorcycles, microcars with a set of attached and towing implements.

Using the huge experience and the scientific and technical potential, the enterprise works hard to further improve the performance of serial engines manufactured and design perspective engines of a new generation.

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