Kharkiv Tractor Plant, Private Joint-Stock Company

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    275 Moskovskiy ave., c. Kharkiv, 61007, Ukraine
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The plant is the pioneer of the Ukrainian tractor-building. "Kharkiv Tractor Plant named" Open Joint-Stock Company, is Ukraine's and CIS largest and the only enterprise manufacturing unified agricaltural multi-purpose wheel and caterpillar tractors, ploughing and multi-purpose tractors.

For the period of its existence since 25th August 1931, when the first wheel tractor was made, the plant has manufactured over 3 000 000 tractors of different models and modifications.

The plant's production can be used during power-consuming works in the field of plant-growing, during transportation, loading and unloading, and for other purposes in agricultural and other sectors.

- Multi-purpose, Industrial, Forestry Wheel and Crawler Tractors
- Crawler and Wheel Bulldozers
- Frontal loaders
- Low capacity Wheel tractors
- Cast iron and steel castings of different configurations
- Fuel pumps for engines of SMD types.
- Spare parts for tractors of all modifications
- Gas household boilers
- metal-cutting tool.
- production of the special technological equipment from Client's drawing
- dead-locks, hasp locks

The combination of high quality, reliability and fair prices is of primary importance under the new conditions of market economic relations in rural areas.
To meet these requirements OJSC "KhTZ" has considerably modernized a serial model of wheeled tractor T-150K and caterpillar tractor T-150. It has also worked out and carries out production of a series of fundamentally new plowing tractors and general purpose tractors. Besides the very famous T-150K and T-150 tractors, the main elements of which have been constructively and technologically tested in the long process of their production, the manufacture of T-150K-09 and T-150-09 new tractors with ЯМЗ-236Д3 engines has been started. They may be supplied with bulldozer equipment and in addition to their primary purpose as farm tractors they could be used for different road and construction works, fodder provision and transportation purposes.

Regarding consumers' increasing demands and introduction of updated technologies in crop growing, OJSC "KhTZ" has created a family of powerful utility tractors of ХТЗ-170. In their design special attention is paid to reliability of transmission, creation of comfortable conditions for tractor drivers, installation of engines convenient for consumers due to availability of production and repair facilities.

Tractors of ХТЗ-17021 model are equipped with the engine of German Firm "Deutsche AG". Model ХТЗ-17221 is equipped with the engine ЯМЗ-236Д of OJSC "Autodisel", (Yaroslavl' town, Russia).

Tractors of ХТЗ-170 family have better performance by 30% in comparison with their analogues made in CIS countries, and the fuel consumption per a hectare is 25% less. Attached double-cylinder hydro-system and a powerful engine provides for installing mountable and towed agricultural equipment with broad catch. If comparing with the traditional technologies of crops and vegetables cultivation, the new ones help diminish direct running costs up to 70%, and labor costs- 65%. For this purpose they use agricultural equipment with minimal efforts of soil cultivation including subsurface tillage tools and direct sowing machines.

Tractors of ХТЗ-160 family have been recently created and are in production now. These tractors can perform not only the general operations of basic surface tillage, that is the work of utility tractors, but also inter-row tillage and crops harvesting (potatoes, maize, soy, sugar beets, sunflowers, etc.). Installation of engine "KamAZ-740", produced by OJSC "KamAZ-Disel", Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, has been tested on tractors ХТЗ-16331. Engine of the german firm"Doytz AG" installed on ХТЗ-16131 tractors

Utilization of mountable motor free harvesters to harvest sugar beets and maize reduces costs for purchasing more expensive self-propelled harvesters and the tractor may be used as a power source for the harvester instead of such machines as "Polessiye УЭС-2-250". By combining operations of sowing, plants cultivation and harvesting we have managed to increase three times tractors efficiency, and decrease fuel consumption per 1 hectare by 30%.

Different regions of Russia purchase "KhTZ" tractors in bigger and bigger scale; the fleet of these tractors is constantly enlarged.
At present KhTZ tractors of joint assemblage have become integral to the system of agricultural machines, manufactured by Russia according to European technology, for production of beets, potatoes, maize, sunflowers, soy, buckwheat and other crops. Thus, the use of KhTZ tractors on the fields of Pushkinskiy and Zaraiskiy regions of Moscow district helped harvest all the potatoes crop in proper time and with no losses; during one shift DR-1500KLZ harvester together with KhTZ-16131 tractor was able to harvest from 380 to 450 tons of potatoes. In Samara district, when growing cereal crops by progressive German technology, about 40 units on the basis of KhTZ tractors were utilized together with agricultural machines Smaragd, Lemken, Amazone produced by Samara Company "Yevrotehnika".

KhTZ tractors can be combined with agricultural machines produced by Ukrainian, Russian and foreign enterprises. KhTZ tractors are widely used when designing infrastructure of industrial complexes, enterprises and different production lines and also can be used as transportation means. Frontal loader T-156 on the basis of T-150K tractor has been created and is now in production. It can be used when loading loose goods and sugar beets, as it has removable aimed buckets. In the recent past forestry-engineering tractors and trench excavators were produced on the basis of T-150K. If ordered the machines can be produced now.

For farmers OJSC KhTZ produces multi-purpose wheel tractors ХТЗ-3510 with the capacity 34 h.p. ХТЗ-3510 is provided with the engine produced by a Lithuanian firm "Oruva" under the license of "Doytz" firm.

In our concise information we wanted to show that the OJSC KhTZ production meets the requirements of modern times, and the enterprise itself successfully keeps its high standards, produces machinery, which is twice or three times cheaper than the one produced abroad. The enterprise is constantly searching for new forms of cooperation and welcomes all interested enterprises of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries to cooperate.

Reliable, efficient, economical, at reasonable prices and with flexible discount system, tractors of OJSC "KhTZ" are now sold not only by the enterprise itself but also by its dealer representative offices located on the territory of Russian Federation.

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