M && G, Private Company

  • Address:
    13, Zakrevskogo str., c. Kyiv, 02217, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 461-37-40, 546-65-36, 592-49-42
  • Web-site:
Director - Hennadiy M. Nadberezhny

For 13 years "M&&G" Company has been growing together with its customers supplying leisure and hobby goods to the Ukrainian market. The 30-year experience of family production prompts us to choose only the goods that meet current purchasing capacity and assure the balance between quality and price.

Sphere of activities:
- production of tackle for amateur fishermen;
- delivery of goods to bulk buyers within Ukraine;
- mail delivery to retail buyers;
- ikebana studio;
- interior decoration.

Main products:
- fishing-rods;
- spinning-rods;
- winter tackle;
- minnows;
- angles;
- triple angles;
- hand-made angles;
- plummets;
- sink tackle;
- bobbins for spinning-rods;
- rubber thread;
- strand of rope;
- floats;
- inflatable boats;
- gifts for men;
- souvenirs;
- vases for ikebana;
- ikebana;
- other goods.

At Uncle Misha's Co. you can buy domestic, imported and in-house made fishing-tackle and leisure goods and even all necessary for Ikebana by Tatiana. We always have something unique, which is thought out and manufactured in Ukraine and fit only for our conditions.

Ukrainian production has always existed and will exist for ever. Let's act in the way that makes the world to say: "Ukrainian products are authentic and it's good for them to exist".

Today "M&&G" Company offers about 50 various goods focusing on the own trade mark and products made by the leading Ukrainian manufacturers.

P.S. More information about "M&&G" Company you can get from such magazines as: "Companion" № 26, 1999, "Fishing World" №3 2002, "Big Game" №1 (5) 2003, "Business" №20 2002, "Natali" #8 2004, "Active Rest" #3 2005, and from many numbers of "Fisherman's World".

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