Moryak, Hotel

  • Address:
    15 Lenina str., c. Illichivsk, Odesa reg., 68000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0482) 69-19-52, (04868) 6-00-08, 6-11-15
Director – Mr. Oleksiy V. Sokolov

The “Seaman” hotel is located in one of the youngest towns of Ukraine, the town of Illichivsk (area 16.2 sq. km, population 55,200). Illichivsk is favorably located as a sister town of the city of Odesa, the largest administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural center of the south of Ukraine. Due to its extensive economic potential, Illichivsk is developing dynamically. Together with Odesa, Illichivsk is gaining a reputation as a large business center in Europe and by the Black Sea. The recent growth in the numbers of foreign visitors, both tourists and businessmen, from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, England, etc. has brought about a demand for hotel accommodation services meeting international standards.

In Illichivsk such services are provided by the “Seaman” hotel owned by the Illichivsk Sea Trade Port. The hotel was commissioned in 1978. In terms of its material basis, the range of services provided, and their level the hotel "Seaman" belongs to the three-star category.

The hotel is located in the central part of the city. According to market data, this area is regarded as the most prestigious, which is due to the following factors:
- location in the administrative, business, public and cultural center of the town;
- high business activity of the area;
- good transport communications.

The "Seaman" hotel is a five-floor rectangular building. It has single and double rooms, as well as two- and three-room de luxe suites. All rooms meet modern hotel service standards. They are equipped with telephones (the hotel has a mini telephone exchange), TV sets with access to satellite channels, and refrigerators. De luxe suites have bars and leather furniture. Rooms are finished with modern decoration materials.

The hotel has its own hairdresser's with a men's and a women's halls, a cosmetologist's, and a manicure room. Our professionals will help clients to create their image with fashionable hairstyles, make-up, and manicure. The women’s hall is equipped with a TV set and a VCR.

The hotel restaurant consists of two halls, a large hall and a smaller banquet hall, decorated with style. The bar serves breakfasts for the hotel guests. The banquet hall has modern interior; the cutlery used is French-made. Highly qualified cooks offer visitors a variety of specialties. The banquet hall has a history of receiving high-level guests – President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, former Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Pustovoitenko, former Head of the Council of Ministers O. Moroz, Scotland Yard officers, key personnel of CIS ports, and others.

The hotel location in the downtown business and cultural area is convenient for the town visitors coming on business or to spend a holiday.

We invite you to visit our wonderful town and enjoy yourself. And it is our hotel where you can stay and have a good time.

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