Vahovymiryuvach, Production Enterprise

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    2, Estakadny viezd, c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 714-06-11, 729-41-88
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Director - Kostyantin Zakharevskiy

"Vahovymiryuvach" is a production enterprise possessing major experience in facilitating various sectors of economy with weight-measuring and dosing equipment.

Use of "Vahovymiryuvach" scales enables not only to weigh, we assist in creating a system enabling you to:
- be always aware of quantity of material stock, which will be determined by weighing;
- improve labor productivity (and consequently profit) by automating routing process of weighing;
- create operative communication between chains of the production or trade structure (for instance, automation equipped working place -> accountance department -> authorities).

We provide warranty period for the scales (18 - 24 months). Our personnel carries out warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

"Vahovymiryuvach" strives for compliance with the best samples of foreign weighing equipment and at the same time for being affordable to the Ukrainian consumer. For this we study and utilise the most advanced technologies on production weighing equipment.

At production and modernisation of the weighing equipment we use own engineering solutions, technologies and recommendations of the leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, namely "SCHENCK", "METLER TOLEDO", "HBM", "TEDEA".

"Vahovymiryuvach" also carries out renovation of mechanical scales to highly-precise tensomtric scales. As compared to mechanical scales the tensomteric ones are less metal-consuming, are more precise. Due to absence of mechanical components which get worn during operating, tensometric scales are distinguished by improved reliability and simplicity in operating.

Along with our products, we offer a wide range of mechanical and electronic scales manufactured by other Ukrainian and foreign companies: from laboratory to carriage scales, dynamometers, weights, balance weights, telphers, hoists, lifting blocks.

WEIGHTS OF WIDE APPLICATION (weighing range 3 kg - 30 tons)
weighbridges are assigned for weighing various loads during commercial or engineering operations, for registering stocks of materials and capital equipment.
Weighing limit and dimensions of the receptacle are selected by the Customer. Depending on type of activity the weights can be facilitated with a stand, apron, weight digital indicator and/or PC with specific software. The receptacles are performed of construction or stainless steel.

The distinguishing feature of this line of scales is the ultimate small height of the platform (< 40 mm) which enables not to build-in them in floor. The scales are used for static weighing of raw materials and ready-made products at meat-processing enterprises, dairies and bakeries. This line of scales is necessary in storehouses and at loading-unloading operations since ramps provide easy inroll for loaded trolleys.
When performed with enclosures they can serve for weighing animals including weighing in a trailer.

The weights are designed for weighing loads at the pallets carried by hydraulic trays and electric cars.
Assigned for weighing long commodities (tubes, etc.), bins, platforms of various dimensions are allowed for weighing.

Assigned for weighing loads when putting at the platform is impossible or when the load can be fixed at the receptacle hook. The weights are facilitated with remote control and weight indicator located in the weights case.

The weights are compact, easy in operating feature a bracket, sensor, rail and digital indicator. The universal construction is designed especially for meat stocking and processing enterprises.

Assigned for weighing vehicles in static position and/or in motion at production and commercial operations.
Weights performance - trench and surface (completed with ramps).

A new generation of vehicle tensometric weights - travelling, do not require special construction works from the Customer. The weights are installed at the road with solid cover or standard road concrete slabs; can be easily demounted and transported to another place of operation.

Compact models of weights - bed and axial weights. Used for measuring load to axis and weighing the entire vehicle; the weights are of small dimensions.

Carriage weights are assigned for static weighing of railway train in whole. Weights reading are displayed at a digital indicator available for connecting to a PC or directly to a PC with special software. The weights can be performed with an automated working place of a weighing employee.

- stationary hoists (lifting capacity 0.5 - 3.2 tons);
- lever hoists (lifting capacity 0.5 - 3.2 tons);
- movable hoists (lifting capacity 0.5 - 3.2 tons);
- hand-operated stationary lever hoists (lifting capacity from 0.5 tons);
- haulage machinery (tractive effort 250 - 500 kgp);
- assembling haulage machinery (liftinf force 800 - 3200 dN/kg);
- telphers produced in Russia, Bulgaria, France;
- punch down blocks, climbing-irons;
- electric hoists (tractive effort 454 - 4536 kg);
- chain slings.

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