Avtoport-Chop, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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    166 Pryozerna str., c. Chop, Zakarpattya reg., 89500, Ukraine
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    +38(0312) 61-21-80, 61-22-16, 61-26-23, 66-43-43
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General director V. Sulima

The closed joint-stock company "Avtoport-Chop" is one of the leading companies in Ukraine. A principal area of Avtoport's activities is to provide me Ukrainians and foreign legal persons and citizens with all kinds of vehicle and team services at the automobile terminal territories during export/import transportation.

The automobile port is located 800 m from the border with Hungary and is a modern transportation and expedition complex.
The following state offices operate at the Avtoport territory allowing the state border crossing: a custom service, a frontier service, a veterinary medical service, a sanitary-epidemiological service, an international automobile transportation service (IATS) and the following state inspections: ecological inspection and plant quarantine inspection.
The state control offices are provided with premises, furniture, office materials, mobile communication means, and public utilities on account of the Avtoport.
The Avtoport executes truck convoy formation and escort from the Avtoport customs control area to the "Tysa" customs office and in the opposite direction (when the trucks come to Ukraine), provides the transportation-expedition and social services. More than 600,000 trucks have passed the terminal since its creation.

Material basis of Avtoport
The Automobile terminal (building costs - 10.5 million UAH) was built with no state capital investments, i.e. on the shareholders' account.
A modern engineering, communication and social infrastructure was created at the 8 ha territory that meets European standards and has no analogs in Ukraine. Based on our experience the automobile terminals "Yagodyn", "Shegyni" and "Krakovets" have been created.

a) "Avtoport-Ctlop" technical provision:
- a two-standard railway (both wide and narrow) for combined delivery of cargoes (containers, pallets, etc.);
- the warehouses (total area of 3,200 square meters);
- large multipurpose hangars (40x18 m) for in-depth truck inspection;
- the stationary set-ups for radiation control on both truck terminals;
- a closed computer network (more than 30 computers);
- an external TV network ("Guard" system) and radio network;
- a unified mobile communication system (150 "Motorola" portable radios);
- an automated telephone network;
-reference computers for drivers' use (cargo requests, documentation purposes etc.);
- mototrucks, cranes, snow loaders and other public machines;
- filling station (diesel fuel);
- repairs and service center (car-wash, tilt soldering, argon-arc welding, taxograph repairs, etc.).

b) Social infrastructure
- two cafeterias (350 clients per shift);
- a modern motel (35 places);
- a medical center (free, non-stop);
- shower-bathes, WC (free):
- sauna;
- telephone, fax, Xerox;
- psychological relaxation room;
- resting places for drivers and employees.

Offers for vehicle teams
At its own automobile terminals our company has created the conditions for bona fide competition. 7 declaration offices, 3 currency exchange offices and 2 insurance companies work at the equipped premises.

Cargo declaration offices
- "Avtoport-Chop" joint-stock company;
- "Chopzovnishtrans" joint-stock company;
- "Duty-Free Trading" joint venture;
- "Chop-Terminal" joint venture
- Chop department of UDP branch (IATS);
- "Ukrtrans-Uzhgorod" company;
- "Yurbiznescentr" limited liability company;

Exchange offices:
- "Aval" bank;
- “Prominvestbank";

Insurance companies:
- "Garant-Auto" company;
- "Carpaty" company

Analysis of claims and suggestions
Besides the psychological relaxation room, the following services are offered:
- anonymous telephone "Confidence" (one at each terminal);
- boxes for written claims and proposals;
- vehicle team polling;
- computer network for individual use.

Creation of automobile terminals has allowed to:
- make the conditions for turnover acceleration between Ukraine and EC countries as well as the Eastern European countries;
- remove the multi-kilometer truck "tails" in front of the Ukrainian state border, make the criminal and ecological situation at the border more favorable;
- make the civilized social conditions for vehicle teams;
- erect the engineering and technical buildings for effective work of state offices involved into vehicle inspection and control during border passing;
- reduce the time of vehicle documentation processing during border passing increase the transport flow mobility;
- equip (at the "Avtoport-Chop" account) the working places for custom, frontier and other services operating at the terminal;
- create 320 new working places;
- transfer to the state budget about 6 million UAH in a form of taxes and other obligatory allocations

Reference: Other structural divisions
On 15.09.99 the department of "Avtopon-Chop" company - a modem milk-producing mini-shop was put into service in Chaslivtsi, Uzhgorod district. Based on the novel technologies, this enterprise produces high-quality milk products: milk, yogurt, cream, kefir, ovine cheese, curds.
During the period of company operation 4 modem (European level) filling stations have been created in Uzhgorod and Vynohradiv districts (Transcarpathian province).

Social indices
The company created 320 new working places. The average age of employees is below 32. Each third employee has higher and secondary technical education.
The terminal employees during work are granted free board, special clothes, mobile and radio communication, transportation to the work place, stable and timely salary.
The purchase of controlling interest of tobacco-fermentation factories has allowed the working places at these factories to be preserved and few hundred of new working places to be created in the area of tobacco growing.
The company during its time of activity has granted the sponsor and charitable aid to poor and lackall people, multi-children families, lonely and disabled people, war veterans, churches and monasteries The total amount of such aid exceeded 200,000 UAH. The company executes a patronage aid for three frontier posts, four secondary schools and boarding school.

You are welcome to cooperate with the "Avtoport-Chop" closed joint-stock company that will allow us to improve the economical situation at enterprises and make a real contribution to the economy of our Ukraine.


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