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Kharkov electrical traction plant on the base of autorepair workshops of the plant of locomotive electrical equipment.

Since 1954 the turbogenerator production was formed at the plant. Since that time, the plant has been fruitfully working on the creation of big turbogenerators of new type with hydrogen cooling. Four years later, the plant started manufacturing dc rolling motors.
In June, 1959, Kharkov electrotraction plant was renamed to "Electrotyazhmash".
Since 1954, the plant has manufactured 659 turbogenerators rating 12-500 MW, 133 hydrogenerators rating from 6,1 to 236 MW, more than 80 synchronous horizontal, more than 100 synchronous vertical motors for drives of water pumps for watering channels, around 1000 big dc electrical machines.
73% of heat power stations of Ukraine are equipped with turbogenerators of SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" .

The share of hydrogenerators of SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" is 78% installed power of Ukrainian hydropower stations.
Till today the plant manufactured electrical equipment for more than 40 thous. load, passenger and shunter locomotives, which are successfully operating in Ukraine, CIS-countries and abroad.

The plant approached its 60th anniversary, having saved its name and stable positions in electromachine building as in our country as abroad. SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" is a modern enterprise with powerful designing, technological and manufacturing base.
SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" is a leading enterprise of Ukraine on designing and manufacture for different fields of national economy is a sole supplier of complete electrical equipment for railway and municipal electrotransportation.
Besides, our plant designs and supplies electroequipment for big load carrier dump tracks, renders services on designing, repair and testing of electroequipment.

The enterprise manufactures:
- turbogenerators rating from 4 to 320 MW with full air cooling;
- turbogenerators rating from 200 to 325 MW with full hydrogen cooling;
- turbogenerators rating from 200 to 500 MW with hydrogen-water cooling;
- asynchronous turbogenerators rating 200 MW;
- synchronous hydrogenerators and hydrogenerators-motors of vertical design rating 15 - 421 MW;
- horizontal bulb hydrogenerators rating from 5,1 MW to 40 MW;
- synchronous electrical motors vertical and horizontal rating 8 MW and 25 MW respectively for drive of water pumps of watwring channels;
- big dc electrical machines rating from 100 kW to 10000 kW for drives of rolling mills, mine lifters, metal cutting machines, presses, walking excavators, etc.

The enterprise designs and manufactures the following electrical equipment for locomotive, trams, trolley-duses, autodump tracks:
- dc traction electromotors of ED type rating from 46 to 900 kW and ac motors of AD type rating from 170 to 1200 kW;
- traction generators and aggregates rating up to 6000 kW, generators for autonomous power sources rating from 8 to 2500 kW;
- auxiliary electrical machines;
- electrical apparatus and elertronic devices.

The products of the enterprise are certified according to International System of Quality Control ISO 9001:2000.
According to the results of Ukrainian competition "Best Ukrainian product of 2006", SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" won the golden symbol "Best Ukrainian manufacturer", and products of the plant - golden medals.

"Electrotyazhmash" participates in the realization of state programme of reconstruction of 66 hydrogenerators of Dnieprovskiy cascade: Kievskaya, Kanevskaya, Dneprodzerjinskaya, Kakhovskaya power station, at DneproGES and etc.
The plant started, modernization of heat stations: AKSU (Kazakhstan), Verhnetagilskaya (Russia).
The first reverse hydrogenerator-motor SVO1255/250-40 is being manufactured and technical documents for the second reverse hydrogenerator-motor for Dnestrovskaya HAPP.

The first of six hydrogenerator-motors was manufactured and commissioned at Tashlykskaya HAPP, the second hydrogenerator-motor is being manufactured. The pattern of turbogenerator TA-35-2MY3 with full air cooling is manufactured and dispatched to OJSC "Zaporojstal".
In the range of contract with OJSC "Turboatom", the plant is performing works on manufacture and dispatchment of 4 turbogenerators of TGV-250 type for nuclear power plants in India.

The experimental lot of traction electromotors of EDP-810 type was manufactured and dispatched for Urals electrotrains of new generation 2ES4R, tender for supply of which our plant won from the leading russian enterprises: Lysvenskiy enterprise "Privod" and etc.
The enterprise participates in realization of trolley-buses and trams depot in Ukraine.

In the nearest future, the plant has tasks on assimilation of new modern types of big electrical machines for energy transport, including:
- new series of turbogenerators with air cooling rating 4 - 40 and 120-320MW;
- turbogenerators 1000 MW for building of nuclear power stations in Ukraine;
- hydrogenerators-motors for Dneprovskaya HAPP, rating 424 MW;
- modernization of turbo- and hydrogenerators to replace those, that have finished their operation period at power stations of Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad;
- new complexes of electrical equipment on the base of asynchronous regulating electrodrives for railway transport, including high speed train.

The products with brand "Electrotyazhmash" are successfully operating in more than 40 countries in the world. The plant continues to increase the manufacture, concludes contracts with national and foreign customers in the power field and transport machine building.

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