Rubin State Scientific-Production Enterprise

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    1 Akademichna str., c. Kharkiv, 61108, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 335-18-08, 335-29-23
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Director - Bohdan Chorny, PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

The State Enterprise "Rubin" is created in 1994 in Kharkov by State Corporation of building materials Industry "UKRBUDMATERIALY" on the basis of vacuum metallurgy laboratory of a National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology" and specializes on manufacturing of following production from platinum, platinum alloys and other precious metals:
1. Product of industrial purpose:
- glass-melting vessels for manufacture of heat-insulating and electric insulating materials from a glass and basalt;
- various nomenclature crucible, including crucible for large-sized single crystal growing (up to 600 mm);
- a wire with micron diameters; the equipment for melting of optical glass;
- sheet products;
- tubes, including capillary;
- laboratory ware.

2. Another:
- platinum and gold smalt for use in restoration works;
- products with a silver covering on a basis of the bactericidal arrangement "Ukrainian Silver Ball" for wide use in health protection and medicine, ecology, food-processing industry, fragrance, cosmetic and in other spheres;
- silver toothpicks;
- gold ingot and silver ingot; gold leaf and platinum leaf;
- solders of vacuum melt from precious metals.

As well as: carries out the element analysis of precious metals; draw of decorative and anticorrosive coating from precious and non-ferrous metals.

"Ukrainian Silver Ball"
As has appeared, "silver" water has come to us not from legends and fairy tales. Long since Slavic beauty washed by water from a silver jug to have a smooth skin, beautiful ruddiness and healthy kind; and priests transformed usual water in "sacred" with the help of a silver utensils. At present, on Ukraine without the special expenses everyone, to whom own health is not indifferent, can partake of "silver" water. Using phenomenal natural preserving and bactericidal property of silver, scientific of the Scientific-Production Enterprise "RUBIN" have offered "to enliven" water, sinking into water the "Ukrainian Silver Ball". This product is made of an ecologically pure glass, surface of which is coated with the layer of silver 999. The silver is a necessary microelement in a diet of the man. Furthermore, being dissolved in water, it effectively destroys pathogenic viruses, microbes, bacterium, and allows keeping health and strengthening immunity. It is possible to process by silver the usual drinking water, which is conforming to the requirements of State Sanitary Norms and Regulations #383 of 23.12.96, and also boiled and/or distilled drinking water. It is necessary to place one "Ball" in capacity with one liter of drinking water and hold it there at temperature from +5°С up to +30°С. Water is recommended to be drunk in 72 hours after immersing of a silver ball. At processing drinking water in volumes more than one liter within one year is possible to use several ball with account one ball on one liter of water.
At non-expendable use of a ball, the total presence of it in same one-liter capacity of drinking water should not exceed of one year. Working life of a ball - up to complete disappearance of silver from it surface or up to darkening of a silver covering.

Production conforms to TUU 26.1-22656764-002-2001, passes annual certification of quality conformity in certification system UkrSEPRO, is recommended to use by Ukraine Ministry of Health, and in 2001 was marked off diploma "Higher test".

"Silver toothpicks"
Using of toothpick with silvered working parts allows not only clearing intertooth intervals from the rests of food, but also disinfecting the teeth. The same disinfection occurs at contact of a working part of a toothpick with a gum of the man. The silver effectively destroys microbe, bacteria and viruses, causing inflammatory process.

0,5-microns thickness layer of high-pure silver 999 is put on the surface of a working zone of a wooden toothpick. For drawing of silver was developed the high-technology equipment, allowing produce a silvered toothpick by a mass series and for the price, accessible to everyone.

Production conforms to TUU 20.5-22656764-007-2001, passes annual certification of quality conformity in certification system UkrSEPRO, is recommended to use by Ukraine Ministry of Health, and in 2001 was marked off diploma "Higher test".

"Gold leaf"
This product represents a super-thin foil of 23 karats gold by thickness 0,12-0,25 microns, and is used for gilding of domes and iconostasis of temples, sculptures, famish of facades and interiors of architecture monuments, and also restoration and manufacture of exclusive furniture. Until recently on Ukraine was present only import-manufactured gold leaf, that, owing to the high enough price, attracted the significant charges of state currency means.
The enterprise "Rubin" undertook to solve a problem of release of similar domestic production. Since gold leaf manufacture by the traditional forging way requires significant capital investments in the equipment, the senior staff of SPE "Rubin" has developed new unique technology of gold leaf reception by a rolling method, that has allowed proceeding to industrial release on available capacities. Besides, as against forging, the received in such way sheets have uniform thickness, that solitarily influences on appearance and facilitates performance of gilding works, and main, significantly extends a term service life of such covering. The given fact was noted repeatedly by best Ukrainian gilders and restorers, which used gold leaf, manufactured by the enterprise "Rubin" at restoration of Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in Archangel Michael's Monastery of Golden Domes (Kyiv), Dormition Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Ivan Franko State Drama Theatre (Kyiv), at building of many temples of Ukraine, and also at creation of a monument of the outstanding opera singer A. Solov'yanenko in Donetsk.

Production conforms to TUU 22656764-003-99, have Certificate of quality conformity in certification system UkrSEPRO, and in 2001 was marked off diploma "Higher test".

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