Science and Technology Diamond Concern ALCON

  • Address:
    2 Avtozavodska str., c. Kyiv, 04076, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 468-86-25, 468-86-32, 468-86-37
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General Director of the Concern and the Institute: Mr. Mykola V. Novikov

Science and technology diamond concern ALCON consists of 15 enterprises of various pattern of ownership. They are located in 23 buildings, integrated by common systems of communication, warm and power supplies on 18,9 hectares territory. The leading concern organization is the Institute for Superhard Materials NAS of Ukraine, founder of industrial production of synthetic diamonds and tool from them.

The concern has more than 30 years experience at production diamond and cBN powders, grinding wheels, cutting tool for metal working and polishing - for optics, stone and wood machining tool, products from high density technical ceramics, tungsten hard alloys.

The Leading organization of the Concern - the Institute for Superhard materials is world-wide known as a scientific - technological center - manufacturer and exporter of efficient superhard materials and tools from diamonds and cubic boron nitride. The positive experience of the contracts with enterprises of USA, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan and also with organizations of China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary etc. is accumulated

Many of developed technologies and equipment are fundamentally new and they are base for technological products of Ukraine. The concern is a part of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Since 1977 till nowadays the General director of the Institute and Concern - academician NAS of Ukraine, Professor Nikolay Vasilevich Novikov.

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