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The whole history and labor path of the Kharkov "Kommunar Association" State-owned Science and Production Enterprise dates back to 1927, that is to the time when F.E. Dzerzhinskiy Children's Labor Commune was established in Kharkov. The commune was headed and ideologically inspired by A.S. Makarenko, a well-known pedagogue.
In 1928-1929 the first workshops started to function, and in 1930 the first production departments were put in operation. In 1932 the plant initiated the process of manufacture of power tools, and in 1934 the production of "FED" photographic cameras was set up. During the years of the Great Patriotic War the plant was evacuated to Berdsk where the production of aircraft engine fuel pumps and range finders was launched within a short period of time to meet the needs of the front. As the plant was moved back to Kharkov in 1944, the production of wide-range power tools was resumed. In 1951 the plant was attached to the Ministry of Communication Facilities with the purpose of setting up production of the airborne and ground-based equipment for rocket control systems. In 1952 the enterprise began specializing in producing airborne and ground-based equipment for a number of carrier rocket systems of the defense and space-development purpose, equipment for spacecraft control systems. The spaceships sent to the Moon, Mars, Venus, the "Saliut", "Mir" astronaut-inhabited space stations put into the near-earth orbit, the International Space Station (ISS) were furnished with the devices and instruments, which had been developed by the plant personnel.
The Special Design Office was the designer of the equipment for the "Proton" carrier rocket control system, which was put in commercial production in 1967. The purpose of the system was to put heavy space objects, weighting more than 20 tons, into the near-earth orbit and deep space. Abound 300 space objects of the scientific, national-economy and special purpose were carried into a range of orbits.
The proper operating conditions at the orbital stations were provided by the "Soyuz" carrier rocket, which delivered crews, equipment and life-support cargoes to the stations. The system of control for the carrier rocket was developed and produced by the "Kommunar" plant. As "Shuttle" became a thing of the past, the "Soyuz" space carrier rocket has been recognized as the only means intended for the delivery of spacemen to ISSs and their safe homecoming.
Beginning from 1997, the "Kommunar Association" State-owned Science and Production Enterprise has been involved in the process of manufacture of the system of control for the "Zenit-3SL" rocket, which is applied in the "Marine Start" and "Global Star" international projects. The equipment for 11А511У "Soyuz", 8К82М "Proton", "Zenit" rocket control systems has been continuously improved, stage-by-stage transfer to the digital system has been made, the range of satellites put into the near-earth orbit has been extended.
In parallel to the development of production of rocket equipment, the plant is engaged in production of a wide range of consumer goods, among which a special attention should be given to the items of sophisticated instrument engineering.
An extensive range of "Polyscan" X-ray-introscopy systems and complexes providing for high-quality inspection of luggage content, cars, minibuses and shipping containers has been developed and implemented jointly with the "Single Crystals Institute" Science and Technology Complex as a part of the diversified science and technology program for the development of the Customs Service of Ukraine. "Kommunar" stands as the only Ukrainian enterprise, which was granted the state license to the full-scale production and maintenance of the above systems. The "Polyscan" X-ray-introscopy systems are also applied at a variety of state-owned institutions and offices with the safety assurance purposes.
In 1996, the advanced digital control devices for ice protection systems (IPS) and air-conditioning systems (ACS) to be used in АН-140, АН-70, АН-38, АН-74, АН-148, ТУ-334, ТУ-214 aircraft were engineered and put in full-scale production to order of aircraft engineers.
The single-phase and three-phase electronic counters of active and reactive electric energy, which are produced by the Association are in high demand with public servicing and power engineers. The product range of the instruments allows to provide for the optimum accounting of power consumed by both domestic and industrial facilities.
More than 10 models of ВДУЧ welding units and two models of semiautomatic units were developed and put in full-scale production by the "Kommunar Association" State-owned Science and Production Enterprise with the participation of scientific workers from the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and specialists from the "Polisvit" Science and Technology Special Design Bureau.
In 1999 "Kommunar" launched production of components for the Ukrainian enterprises engaged in construction of railway cars - systems of electric equipment, a variety of furniture designs, interior sets, several types of platform doors, as well as attaching and sliding doors for underground railway transport.
The enterprise is in possession of all essential facilities to be able to solve successfully essential production tasks under conditions of ongoing toughening of the product quality requirements: creative potential of designers and process engineers, highly skilled specialists, the mobile preproduction system, which can be efficiently and timely reconfigured, technical production facilities, which allow to make top-quality products.

The production and technical potential of the "Kommunar Association" State-owned Science and Production Enterprise covers the following production areas:
- sheet-stamping and blank production;
- manufacture of plastic parts;
- casting production;
- electroplating and painting production;
- heat treatment;
- production of printed circuit boards;
- welding and assembly production;
- tool making.

The scientific potential of the Association is represented by the "POLISVIT" Science and Technology Special Design Bureau, which is engaged in the research and development work in a number of areas of space-rocket engineering and national economy.

The successful work carried out by the enterprise in the sphere of the development and production of special-purpose articles was marked with the two orders: the Order of Labor Red Banner (1960) and the Order of October Revolution (1976).

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